The Kanjoos Code

I was thinking about what to post as a ‘first’ inaugural post. Should it be about clothes? Or my new found love i.e. make up? Or travel considering that I have just returned from a fabulous budget vacation in Sikkim?

While I have tons to write about all of the above, I thought it fitting to elaborate a bit on my definition of kanjoos which is misunderstood by quite a few people. Instead of rambling on about the reasons and justifications for being kanjoos, I thought it more fitting to form a short and snappy set of points which summarise the Kanjoos Kanya philosophy.

While most of these points would be something that women of our mother’s and grandmother’s generation routinely follow, I believe that some of these old fashioned values are getting drowned out in the roar of rampant consumerism. Today, aided by slick marketing campaigns, we convince ourselves that we absolutely need that new age repair serum launched by XYZ luxury brand that costs Rs 4000 or cannot stay in a hotel that costs less than Rs 1000/- Somehow our minds are getting conditioned to enjoy or trust a product or service only if it comes with a price tag or judge a person by the labels they use. Kanjoos Kanya aims at keeping an ‘open mind’ about your lifestyle. You don’t have to be a scrooge everywhere – the key is achieving balance.

Call it reverse snobbery, if you will.

So here goes:

  1. I believe in being kanjoos the smart way
  2. I am kanjoos, not cheap
  3. I am proud that I am Kanjoos. It is certainly no matter of pride to be a spendthrift
  4. I am kanjoos. I conserve, preserve and reuse
  5. I am kanjoos. I do not waste
  6. I do not judge things merely by their price tag. I see value not price.
  7. I am kanjoos with myself. I share with others (sometimes hehe)
  8. Still thinking………………

 If you have points that can be added to this I’d love to hear it. I like to think of this as work in progress that changes and evolves as time goes by. I am sure almost everyone (unless you are super rich) has certain fundas that they hold dear. So shoot at kanjooskanya (at) gmail 


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