After sun soother? Review

With increased awareness about sun protection, a slew of products have hit the market – from sunscreens and sun blocks with various sun protection factors (SPF), lotion, cream or spray on versions and what not. One of the products one often sees is a range of ‘after sun’ care products, usually a mask or some soothing cream, which are meant to soothe sun exposed skin. Of course I have been severely sun burnt after a picnic at the beach and I know from experience that there’s no pretty way out. It’s ugly large blisters and a few ‘ugh’ days before new skin reveals itself.

I have never paid attention to such products, sticking to basic vanilla sunscreens. However I often forget to ‘reapply’. Normally this is not a problem. But recently, I have started using Retino A overhight for anti-ageing, because of which I have stepped up the sun protection quite a bit as Retino A makes the skin very photosensitive.

Today I got back in the evening with my face that was ‘burning’ courtesy the blazing hot afternoon sun. Yeah, it’s blazing hot in the afternoon in Pune even in winters. I washed my face and it was still burning. Tried moisturiser. No effect L

Then my eyes fell upon a green tube of Boroline Cream that I pulled out of my vanity a new days back. I am not really a Boroline fan. I only got it after reading an DIY about using Boroline and Lakme Rose powder to create an eye primer. Didn’t quite like how that turned out for my oily skin.

Put the Boroline on my face and neck and voila! After less than 5 seconds the burning skin stops!

Look at the ingredient list on the green tube and this is what I find.

Boroline protects and softens skin. Heals all dry skin conditions like chapped, cracked abraded skin and sunburnt skin. Yippee!

Ingredients: Boric Acid, Zinc Oxide, Mineral Oil, Paraffin Wax, Lanolin and perfume in a q.s. base.

Image Courtesy: Boroline Website

Image Courtesy: Boroline Website

Cost: Rs 22/-

Mighty pleased to have discovered an inexpensive post sun care cream by accident! Of course, many people have been using it for years and would swear by it, but it’s a first for me – mainly due to my oily skin. And I’ve lived in hot and humid Mumbai. More season to stay away from it.

Will be using this daily after I get back home in the afternoons. It’s cool for winter but not for summer with my oily and acne prone skin. The Boroline website too has very clear tips on where it should not be used – pimples being one of them since it’s an oily cream.

Will also be testing it in Mumbai’s humid climes in the next few days where I shall certainly be out all afternoon.  Will try to see what else I can use it for – an eye cream?  Will update after have tested it a few more times.


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