Expensive stuff is better in small sizes!

The barrage of marketing adverts are enough to make any girl drool! Even Kanjoos Kanyas!

The moment a new ad campaign hits, I dream of how my skin and hair (and acne) will transform completely after using the said product. I will Google it for hours and spend hours at any supermarket where I can be left alone to inspect the ingredients and read every bit off the box.  But buy impulsively – Non! I will wait to be convinced till I fish out the cash.

Till recently, buy-1-get-1-free or 23% more! would have been enough to lure me to loosening the purse strings. Now for someone like me with zero brand loyalty whose eyes glint at every new product launch, it’s sheer torture to wait for the last bit of a never ending tube of face wash, night cream, sunscreen, face pack etc. And i won’t throw it away till the tub is polished clean.

Now I’ve discovered a new found love for Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock – SPF 50. I picked it up in a small 30ml tube that cost Rs 150 in July and I have been using it almost daily since June, alternating sometimes with the Maybelline BB cream. I have been using only a small amount enough for my face and neck and 30 ml (while it does not sound like a lot) has just lasted and lasted. I slathered it on my face and reapplied, during my ten day vacation in Sikkim and I still have a bit left. It’s the only thing that saved me for peeling terribly, though I have tanned only a bit.


The SA’s at the Neutrogena counters have tried to sell me the bigger sibling i.e. the 88ml version that comes at Rs 499/- especially since it comes with a cousin i.e. a free face wash but I have resisted and I am glad to did. In this case and I am sure most cases, smaller is better.

Here’s why:

  1. Boredom. Half way through I tire of the product and get restless to shop for a replacement.
  2. Unless you have siblings, spouse, family members or hostel mates who are also using it, it’s quite likely the product will hit expiry and you will have to dispose it off, thus wasting a lot of expensive product.
  3. Most products have a two year shelf life. But that’s counted from the manufacturing date. You are unlikely to buy anything that was manufactured yesterday. Most likely it will be at least a couple of months old factoring in from shop floor to retail outlet. Do the math and buy the relevant size accordingly. The largest size six months before expiry is just a big waste.
  4. If the product doesn’t work for you, discarding the smallest size of an expensive product  won’t pinch as much.

My Neutrogena tube has a manufactured by date of 17/1/11 and has a 24 month expiry. Anything bigger than 30 ml would have ended up in the bin.

Update: I was thinking this post through in my head a few days back, while window shopping at Hypercity Pune. And lo and behold, was scrounging in the one get one free rack, what do I see in among the Lemon Tea and Kurmura Ladoos? None other than the tube of Neutrogena Ultra Sheer in 30 ml at 50 per cent off  – i.e. Rs 75!! I almost did a dance there and sobered down enough to check the manufacturing date and chose the tube with the latest date i.e. Feb 2011 which gives me till Feb 2013 to use 30 ml. Not bad at all

I love how this blog is already working for me. Maybe I should try this while walking by Mac counters next time and maybe I’ll just get lucky… hehe.


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