Best Under 50 – Vaadi Under Eye Cream

This is the first of my best under Rs 50 series where I will feature products under 50 bucks that I have been using over the years. After using multiple products over the years some fairly expensive I have come to the conclusion that while the expensive products do impart a certain ‘feel good’ factor, a cheaper substitute can give you the same result. ALL the money that I could have saved over the years could have gotten me flight ticket somewhere!


A couple of months back, had an offer of 2 Vaadi soaps free on ordering Vaadi herbals products worth Rs 300. So I scoured the site and ordered every available Vaadi product. Of course, in keeping with my thrifty philosophy, I picked most of the low priced products.

The Vaadi Under Eye Cream was part of this haul. Now I wasn’t particularly banking on it to magically erase my dark circles. I know they are hereditary and can at best lighten a bit with sleep and wearing my spectacles.  But I ordered it anyway just for a lark since the product description said it contained almond oil and vitamin E. It cost around Rs 48 for 25 ml.

The texture of the cream is light and absorbs easily even in Mumbai’s humid weather. I used it only under my eyes the first couple of days. But since I my skin was getting a bit dry and I did not want to purchase a moisturizer I began using it all over my face whenever my skin felt dry. You only need a very little bit for your entire face. I got the product way back in March or April and have been using it on and off and I still have a bit left. The smell and texture reminds me of Evion cream by Merck which is a vitamin E cream and also a very good moisturizer.Vaadi under eye cream

Though I have oily skin that is not very friendly to all creams, I did not break out using this cream. My skin felt soft and well moisturized. The little container is quite travel friendly and I think I will be purchasing this again as a moisturizer  night cream that I can use under my Retino A cream which can get a bit drying sometimes.

It’s easily available online at most of the online beauty sites but  if you can’t find it just get Evion, which is a much loved favourite that’s available at your friendly neighborhood chemist.


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