Shades of Grey – OOTD

Sometime last year, I happened to stroll into OVS at Infinity 2 Mall, Malad. Now I am very skeptical about sales especially with high end brands as I won’t loosen the purse strings unless the price is 3 digits and at sub 500 bucks. So I browsed uninterested-ly though the racks till I found this grey baby.

Hummed and hawed as 50 per cent would have been about 700. Went to the cash to verify and as luck would have it that was the only piece 70 per cent off!! MRP – Rs 1499  – Mine for Rs 450-something.

I wear this almost everyday on *almost anything* but this is an interesting look I came up with. The fur lined boots don’t really go with the moderate winter in Pune and Mumbai.


Cardigan: OVS

T Shirt: some shop in Dubai

Skirt: Clothes Rack, Mumbai


Boots: DFO, Melbourne $5


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