Stay away from good deals!

Sounds strange, huh? Especially coming from me!

Well I guess not all good deals turn out great as I recently discovered with Street Wear’s great deals. I’ve noticed now that quite a few of the Street Wear counters are offering discounts on their entire range. I purchased lipsticks at Street Wear counter at Easyday Mall, Pune. Got a good deal on a lipstick and gloss. I kind of suspected it was clearance as I went  (snooped) around the counter a couple of times after and discovered that the counter was getting gradually bare day by day!


Recently in December, I browsed by the Street Wear counter at Beauty Centre in Kandivali and though I wasn’t really looking to buy any cosmetics, I got attracted to the discounts. The lip liners were going at 125 bucks, the Stay on Eyeshadow was going for 150 bucks. As usual I was unable to decide what to get.


I almost went for the Stay on eye shadow (why didn’t u stay with that, you dodo!)  and since I do not have a glitter eyeliner collection, I picked the  Metal Eyes Liquid Liner in ‘Gold Mine’ for Rs 199. It swatched well on my hands and I was quite pleased with my purchase.



I ignored it for a couple of days and when I finally applied it on my eyes — ooh it burned!!! I normally do not have sensitive eyes or skin and all kinds of make -up (yes, even a 5 year old Revlon lipstick and a 4 year old Maybelline eye pencil are absolutely fine with no reaction) That’s when i checked the date on the eyeliner – Manufacturing date – 7/11. uh -oh.


I should have checked. But at most cosmetic counters there’s noway of knowing as you pick your package at the billing counter after paying. Tried using it after a couple of days. Same problem. I now suspect they are winding up in India hence palming off old products at a discount. Stay away!!

Just did not have the time to go back and I know that even if I did, customer service in India sucks! I would be spending more than Rs 199 on auto-fare to exchange this and dealing with half witted SA’s who would refuse to exchange it once opened.

So the kanjoos brain is trying to figure out how to make the best of  the wasted Rs 199/- Some of the options are:

1. Bindi (tried but it wipes off my oily forehead in 2 secs)

2. Face tattoo

3. Motifs on pottery

4. Lip liner (tried this too but the lips burn too. I don’t want to poison myself with lip liner!)

Any suggestions??

Verdict: 1/5

Bottom Line: Stay away from any discounts from Street Wear!!! 


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