Make Up Academy (MUA) recently unleashed its 50 per cent off on everything  discount + free shipping and the world went crazy literally!!

The offer was meant as a thank you reward fro their Facebook fans to help them get to  50,000 likes on their FB page. I first ordered from MUA in September when they were offering their Immaculate eyeshadow palette free with a minimum purchase of 8 GBP. Even with the 7.5 GBP shipping and Rs 275 as customs, I got two Eye shadow palettes, Mosaic Blusher, 3 lipsticks and a gloss which I found quite reasonable.


Ordering more stuff later. Ordered some more during the 35 per cent off + free shipping.

And literally cleaned out the store during the 50 per cent off offer as I am not likely to pay such steep shipping charges again no matter how cheap and reasonable the products.

Had all my stuff in the basket waiting for the sale and on Monday the frenzy began!! And what a frenzy it was! The MUA store  could not handle the traffic and the site kept crashing. So held on – woke up at 5am (when I knowmost of the UK would be asleep) and placed my order peacefully.  Since I am on ‘spending probation’ told myself a hundred times I would NOT place a second order.

But guess what? I did and I third order as well. I never learn.

As I eagerly wait for my three packages to reach me, I wonder what I am going to do with so much makeup. Hmmm, I should just spread the MUA-Hs around!


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