MUA Mosaic Blush in English Rose – Review

The Make Up Academy (MUA) Mosaic Blush in English Rose is one of my first MUA purchases. I was attracted to the mosaic blush concept and wanted to try out one without spending a bomb. Though I think I was particularly brave to pick a shade called ‘English Rose’ for my olive and yellow toned Indian complexion! It didn’t cost much at 2.50 GBP so didn’t think too much about it…

IMG_0357 mua blusher

I tried it on myself and it didn’t show much. So I didn’t bother with it as I went out of town on an internship and didn’t take it with me. Well, recently I pulled it out of my vanity as I am on a roll trying to use up stuff that I have, whether I like it or not!

IMG_0359 Mus blusher open

The colours in the blush, individually are beautiful and when blended together, they merge to form a pale, pink shimmery ‘English Rose’ kinda shimmery highlight. The texture is extremely powdery. Just a swirl around the pan leaves a trail of powder all over. My blush brush too did not pick up much powder (or so I thought!) The first time I re-applied it several times and left home. When glanced at myself in the car rear view mirror – horror!! I had Clown Cheeks!!!

I frantically rubbed it off and was good to go. I think it had something to do with the lighting in my room that I didn’t catch how much I had on!

IMG_0360 mua blusher swatch

So though this is a blush,  don’t think it works as a blush for me. But I dust this as a shimmery highlighter in a C-shape from temple to tops of my cheeks.


Caveat: It shows up every open pore and imperfection so when using this I make sure I have primed and put on foundation or a BB cream. perhaps this would look better after contouring but I first need to learn HOW to contour. But this would be wonderful for fair and flawless complexions.

So now this occupies a space on my bedside table as I intend to use this everyday till it’s all used up.

Verdict: 3/5

Bottomline: I won’t repurchase this as it’s too powdery. But its a good daily highlighter when I want a barely there pinky shimmer.


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