Cart This Week: Dorothy Perkins, Coastal Scents,

I am a compulsive online shopper. I spend most of my time browsing a few of my fave websites looking for deals. Even while I am studying, I cannot resist peeking in to see what’s new. Now, I just can’t browse, add to cart and check out quickly. I will collect stuff, calculate shipping and only buy if I am convinced that:

  1. I really, really need it (ok I don’t need 90% of the stuff I have, but who’s counting except me)
  2. I calculate to Indian Rupees with notional customs that I think I will have to pay to figure out if it really is a good deal

So if I like something, I add to the cart and sleep over it for a couple of days. If it’s gone, then I believe that I was never meant to have it. Call it sappy shopping serendipity, but it works! If something is gone, I don’t spend the rest of my life mooning over it. However, if I am still dreaming about it and if it’s still there, it means the universe is telling me – go, go get it!!!

So I always have a couple of things stashed away, while I dilly-dally or whether to get it or not.

This week, the carts that are driving me crazy is

Dorothy Perkins 

I caught sight of snakeskin coated jeans and I love the trend. So while there’s a great discount going on with 70% + 15% off at checkout, I just can’t bring myself to pay 10.5 pounds shipping. I am waiting for DP’s free worldwide shipping, which they offer for a couple of days every month. I followed this strategy the last time with DP when I wanted some floral tights and they did eventually offer free worldwide shipping for a couple of days. If these jeans stay till then – great. If not, I am okay with not having snakeskin jeans. But the red lippie tee is too cute. If if gets sold out I will sob quietly into my pillow. The extra 20% off ends tonight,  but I will not pay 10.50 pound international shipping, d’yu you hear me??

DP cart


I have the Real Techniques Face Expert Brush in my cart.  I am getting this. The reviews are great and it can be used for liquid foundation and powder too. I think it’s better to invest in one good brush than 10 useless brushes. The last time I checked did not ship to India. But now they do and free shipping too! Though the retail price in the UK @11 pounds is double that of the prices in the US@ $8, it’s still cheaper than the Sigma F80 and paying $12 dollars for shipping.

Look Fan cart

Coastal Scents

I have a good set of reasonable makeup brushes, but I don’t have a good buffer for liquid foundation. Quite a few face brushes from Coastal Scents are on clearance, but the reviews about CS face brushes aren’t too great. Since, I am getting the Real techniques foundation brush, it’s goodbye CS brushes! I think I shall just get the CS hot pots and maybe the mini domed kabuki brush.

CS Cart


13 thoughts on “Cart This Week: Dorothy Perkins, Coastal Scents,

  1. Read your comment on my blog and clicked back to check your profile… landed here! 🙂 This sounds soooooo like me. Over time I have also learnt to differentiate between ‘want’ and ‘need’ and your sleeping over the cart philosophy is like you put my mind in words. Me too do that he he 🙂 So happy to read this. Btw also sells quality makeup brushes for a very small price.

    • Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving a comment! Ok.. i have been sleeping over the make up brushes as I wasn’t sure if they would be good quality. Do you think the clothes are worth buying? I saw some nice stuff….. But I have a spending ban and limit of only $20.. I am also getting that spring shaped hair remover, thanks to your review!

      • Hey Avina, I just received my BIC order today. Initially I used to window shop clothes on online stores, but I never buy as the risk factor is too high. I am tempted towards a pair of nice mittens at BIC but it’s summers now so didn’t feel like blocking my money. The models shown there are too skinny and the sizes may not suit us. I wouldn’t recommend buying clothes online. If you are in Delhi, check out the Incense stores for affordable highly fashionable clothes or go for 50% discounts on branded stuff at Lifestyle in Aug each year.

  2. Forgot to add something. Here it is: “Enjoy 6% off while shopping at Like facebook page, click on FANS’ SPECIAL DEALS right under the cover photo and unlock your 6% off discount coupon.” Now you will have more value for your $20 🙂

  3. ooh Thanks a ton for this!! The brush set and 120 eyeshadow palette has been waiting in my cart all day just for this. I was supposed to order in the morning but am glad I waited for the right moment!!

    • I just noticed they probably changed the discount to 5% now. Earlier it said 6 but do check the code on FB page. Me too received the 120 palette today. Two colors got broken rest all came fine. But I think that could be due to poor handling by local postman as I stay in a remote railway complex away frm main city. For brushes, do read the reviews carefully using Google Translator. Some are really good, some r okay.

      • added the discount….even a dollar off helps. I think maybe I will add a top or something just to test quality of clothing. I missed the 32 Lip palette – its out of stock now

  4. For clothes and shoes I like Bangkok, I went thr in 2007 and got enough to last me 10 years. I giess I could experiment with some stuff below 10$ from buyincoins and see how it goes. I always end up paying customs as no one in Mumbai customs likes me so I keep orders to 2-3 things max

    • Yeah I read you got 40 pairs from Bangkok. I wish to do that he he. I LOVE shoes and used to have 37 pairs many years ago. My flatmates/colleagues used to keep an eye everytime I used to return from the market 🙂 What!!!! why would the customs guys ask you for money, that’s cheating. BIC orders do not require paying for custom clearance. There is some threshold on the amount of transaction. This time my bill was a lil less than $40 so I was scared there may be duty but thankfully it got thru normally.

      • well, I order a lot of MUA stuff all 20 GBP value.. each time I have ended up paying approx 230 to 250. The only time I get away with not paying is when I order just one or two items max… Like I ordered a foundation brush and cream from Feel unique and din’t hv to pay.. but that’s the ONLY time i didn’t pay!

  5. That’s so cheap of them! I had once ordered an electronic shaver from the US and that never reached me, THe customs sucked it up and there was no tracking code despite requesting the merchant. But when things come through post, the duty needs to be paid to the postman not the customs. Do you go collect it yourself? Seems these ppl have become greedy and doing it deliberately. Don’t know a single person in blogging who has paid customs to get their stuff. Get it in your family member’s name

    • I pay the postman only. I don’t pick it up myself. Perhaps I order a lot so they keep track? I have many orders but they are all small value…I should try ordering in my mom’s name… customs rules say u pay customs fr value above 10k only but I hv read that many bloggers hv ended up paying anything from 200 to 700. One of my tops from asos ended up slashed as I think they used a papercutter to open the packet – could not hv been asos fault. so far my only packages tht hv disappeared hv been asos clothes – that too uninteresting stuff. I hv got everything else!

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