Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner – Review

I have always read about Rimmel but never actually paid it much attention due to non-availability in India. It’s really not something I would pay international shipping charges for. I picked up a Rimmel mascara from Dubai couple of years back but didn’t use it much and it dried up.

Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in shade 005 - Pure

So I just happened to read that Rimmel had quietly sneaked into Mumbai at Infinity 2 Mall without much noise. Anyways I wouldn’t really have noticed as I live in Pune these days and visit Mumbai once in a couple of weeks. So, on a recent visit to Mumbai, off I went to Infinity Mall to seek out Rimmel.

The Rimmel counter is in the Parcos outlet, which is located at the Ground Level at Infinity 2 at Malad. Lo and behold in the corner, between Sally Hansen and Bourjois, was a well-stocked Rimmel counter with lipsticks, glosses, eye shadow, eyeliners etc. I was pleasantly surprised with the prices. I picked up a lip liner, concealer, and eyebrow pencil.

I picked up the Rimmel Exaggerate Full Color Lip Liner Definer in shade 005 ‘Pure’ which is a bright coral shade. I was looking for a lip pencil shade to match my Lotus Herbals Pink Carnation Lipstick. Though it’s not an exact match, I wear it together. There were other shades but I don’t remember them as I was specifically looking for a bright coral shade so I swatched only this one.


Product Description:

Exaggerate Lip Liner is a soft textured, fine tipped automatic liner that gives full volume colour definition to the lips.

Price: Rs 245 for 0.25g which I found quite reasonable


Not available on the lippie but available online on the Rimmel website.

The lip liner is a retractable liner therefore product does not get wasted. It’s kind of dry and also breaks easily. The first time I applied, it did not glide easily – the tip broke. I did not want to waste the broken bit so applied the broken bit all over my lips with clear gloss on top and this stayed on my lips for over 8 hours. It did not come off even when I tried removing it with make-up remover, baby oil etc.

Rimmel Swatch

It’s best to apply lip balm before applying the lip liner. Make sure you fill in the entire lip with the linker or you will end up with just the (very) bright outline when the lipstick wears off as I discovered to my horror. The bright outline will not wear off till u scrub it off. A single swipe is enough as it may look too bright with more than one swipe. I really had to scrub my lips to get the liner off!!

The liner also bears a little sticker with a toll free customer care number and email contact, a Baccarose email ID since they are the distributors for Rimmel in India. Rimmel counters are available at Infinity 2 Mall in Mumbai and IGI Airport in Delhi.  It is also available online at feelunique.com if you have the patience. I do hope that they open more counters. The prices are really very, very reasonable and I am just waiting to get some of the lipsticks and glosses.

Verdict: 3/5

Bottomline: I don’t like this much as it’s too dry and leaves a not too nice stain. Since I don’t wear bright shades too often, I see this lasting a long time. I will use it as a base with gloss on top till it gets used up.


4 thoughts on “Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner – Review

  1. It’s fun when products you read about suddenly appear in your area, I’m always thrilled to find great new goodies! Sorry your experience with Rimmel wasn’t great, truth be told I’ve never liked it either. I want to because I really like the packaging but sadly the products just aren’t for me. Great review!

    • Hi and Thanks for stopping by and commenting! It’s really encouraging to read comments when you’ve just started blogging 🙂

      I didn’t like the lip liner, I do however think their Hide the Blemish concealer is kind of okay but I will buy a better brand. I think Rimmel works as a good stopgap especially when you don’t want to spend too much.

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