Salvaging a ‘dud’ lipstick shade

I am sure almost everyone has at least once in their lifetime bought a dud lipstick – something they either got online or in a hurry or were enticed by an online review or pics of a gorgeous shade  that looks awesome one someone else’s lips — only to realise later that it’s not for them.

It’s not always easy to toss out a lipstick especially if it cost a fair bit. So the lonesome lippie lies at the back of a make-up drawer unloved till it’s discovered after a couple of years, close to expiry and tossed out.

I have had several such bloopers. The latest one being BeautyUK Lip Vinyl in Privilege. Now I didn’t purchase exactly that but I got a lip vinyl gift set available here since it contained 3 shades for just 2.99.

Two of the shades were a bright bold red and a blue based hot pink (review coming up later). The third shade privilege seemed like a ‘candy pink’ but since it kinda looked like a gloss I thought I could make it work.  Besides, it looked kind of ok on other people’s lips!

Anyway, when the package arrived, the shade was an opaque candy pink that made me look like a ghost! I tried mixing it with the red and the pink and I got a weird pink shade that reminded me of cough syrup. I even tried putting on my cheeks to see if it could work as a blush. My face looked like I had developed a weird skin disease.


Since I am not one to give up easily, I gave it another try. I tried sheering it out with a gloss. I used MUA sheer lip gloss in Too Much Fun. A lot of the gloss and a dot of Privilege and it works as a nude gloss with longer staying power. I wore it for upto 2 hours. Can’t say I am too happy with it. it’s just not my shade. But it can work till i finish it off.

IMG_0405 lip

For an evening out I’d add a shimmery gloss to add to the cocktail.








3 thoughts on “Salvaging a ‘dud’ lipstick shade

  1. When you get your lip palette from BIC, try mixing this with different shades at the back of your hand and when/if you get a perfect match, just melt a piece of that color and add to this. Not sure how much you would like this idea but just sharing what I would have tried 🙂

    • Hmm.. good idea. Though this Lip Vinyl is a weird thick liquid opaque texture. Will have to see how it reacts to heat. But I am loving the other two shades – the red and pink. layered with a liner, its resembles like the Revlon Balm stains with the staying power!

      I hve imposed a cosmetics ban after the BIC stuff reaches me. Will take years to finish them and I hate to throw stuff without finishing 😦

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