Colour me Red!













I love all things red, lipstick, bags, clothes but don’t pick them up too often. With strong colours like red, the product that you are wearing has to look p-e-r-f-e-c-t. Red is unforgiving and does not allow for flaws. There’s nothing worse than a tacky looking red handbag or pair of shoes or a lipstick that’s red but a bit off.

That’s why it was love at first sight with these babies. I went to Phuket last year and while strolling around the shops in Patong beach area I came across quite a few shops selling Findig shoes. To me, they seemed like a Woodland of Thailand. After the great Thailand shoe haul in 2007 where I came back with 40 pairs of shoes, I had sworn that I was going to keep the upper limit at 5.

At 1500 Baht, they weren’t cheap. I left these behind and went back to the store thrice before I relented. They are super comfortable. But I wouldn’t know – I haven’t worn them yet.

IMG_0420 red shoes

I worship them everyday and am waiting for the right occasion to wear them. It’s always too dusty, or rainy or too much muck around. For them, I would especially drive when i would have normally walked.

red shoes

Do you have any accessories that you absolutely adore?? Would love to hear about it!



2 thoughts on “Colour me Red!

    • Yes. I have! I have worn them twice so far. This semester I spent a lot of time in the courts and those aren’t places where I can wear red shoes. I will get max wear out of them this summer. After July, it’s a black and white future for me!

      Will be wearing my other shoes as well. Have just a few left over. Will display in full force after my exams get over in about 10 days. Also my orthopedic doc has said I cannot wear stilettos and high heels anymore as I have a bone deformity that’s the beginning of a bunion. 😦 so no more heels.

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