Revlon Custom Eyes in Smoky Sexy – Review and Swatches

Today I will be introducing to you the lone ignored palette in my fast growing eye shadow collection. Read on to find out why.

I purchased the Revlon Custom Eyes Palette way back in July last year when I hadn’t been introduced to the world of make-up and beauty blogs. I used to buy one palette every year, use it 4-5 times a year for weddings, functions and throw it out when fungus started growing on it.

I had never heard of terms like ‘highly pigmented’ and blending was a concept unheard of for me. I had never tried Revlon eyeshadows prior to this. I went to Revlon counter to swatch eye pencils when the SA insisted I try these. There were there shades as well but I picked this as colours seemed vibrant. I did not bother to swatch – I picked it up as it was on discount for 500 instead of price of Rs 625. She also threw in a cute manicure kit for free.

The Revlon Smoky Sexy Palette comes with 5 versatile shades to create a complete smoky look in itself. The palette looks sleek and cute and behind the palette are instructions on how to use the shades and what shades to use to create a smoky eye. This is great for beginners and this is actually what made me pick the palette.


But that is where the good part ends. The shades though look vibrant are chalky and powdery with lots of fallout. The white and pale blue are matte and totally useless as highlighters. The black doesn’t have good colour payoff at all and does not have decent enough pigmentation to create a smoky look. I had to swatch 4-5 times for colour to show up.


The only decent shades are the blue and the grey shade. The shades apply ok with the sponge applicator which is of surprisingly good quality. They do not work well with brushes. After packing the colour on the lid and crease, when u try to blend the shades — Poof – the eyeshadow is gone!!

It has zero staying power and will disappear in 10 minutes from your lids.  They do show up on top of a kohl or primer but blending is an issue. It’s quite a pity as this palette was very handy and compact to carry in your handbag for touch ups.

I have since graduated to better quality eyeshadows so this lies ignored. Since I spent quite a bit on this, I do pull it out once in a while and use over a primer. But I use just one shade on my eyelid along with eyeliner.



  • Cute and compact size
  • Good quality sponge applicator


  • Poor colour payoff and pigmentation
  • Chalky texture
  • Blending and staying power is an issue

Stay away from this palette. The price is just not worth it as there are better palettes in the market for a comparable price.


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