My Make up Journey on Wise She

The month was July 2012. I had just quit my job to study with nothing much to do. I stumbled upon a blog review while searching randomly for some articles on acne treatment.

Suddenly these blog posts on swatches, EOTD, tutorials, pigments, make up brushes completely enticed me into a different world. It also shocked me as I realised I had been wearing eyeshadow for the last 10 years without using a brush or even blending. I had always been more of a skincare gal who always used to have some random neutral lipstick, eye shadow and the cheapest Lakme foundation in my kit. I have had lipstick binges, but it has always been more ‘its-on-sale’ rather than liking makeup. I found myself like a kid in a candy store combing reviews, online beauty stores, discounts to put together some make-up essentials.

However, acquiring the make-up was easy. Learning what to do with it was the tough part.  Even with those fab tutes, I could never get my eyes looking even half as decent. But I practiced and persisted thanks to healthy doses of youtube – thanks to gossmakeuoartist, Pixiwoo and Lisa Eldridge

Of course, no journey can be complete without some makeup disasters. For a recent wedding, I did what I thought, was a very ‘avant garde’ purple smokey eye accented with purple glitter eyeliner. My mom swears it made me look like a weird racoon. When I got home I realised that the purple glitter had peeled off patches of the eyeshadow!

Over the months, my make-up choices have mellowed. I am no longer the excited little kid trying everything in the palette on my eyelid.  I know what shades of eye shadow looks good on my skin and how to work with my eye shape rather than just follow a trend blindly.

It’s still hard to pick five favourite products but here are my most used and most loved 5!

  • Faces Blush and Eye shadow – I reach for this almost every day.
  • Colorbar concealer – Some days I just dab concealer over my spots, some powder and I am ready to go!
  • Nyx Pigment – I love experimenting with it
  • Lakme Absolute Matte – Loving red lips these days

5 products collage


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