On Travel Hacking…

I came across this fabulous presentation through a Facebook share. Amazing presentation and so true!

I am a bit of a travel hacker myself. Luxury travel is just so not me, unless someone else is paying. I have always wanted to travel overseas when I was younger. My dream trip was a 18-20 day trip to Europe which in 2004 would have cost about 80 to 90 lakh INR. But the air fares were prohibitively expensive and I just did not have the means on a low paying job to even put together half the money even though the exchange rate was much lower.

My first ‘international’ trip was to Thailand in 2007 which was mainly a shopping trip – I got back with 43 Kg of excess baggage most of which I am still using even till today.

Besides Air Asia wasn’t around then!

Its a better time now to venture out as fares have gotten within reach, the only issue is Indian being managing the visas – even tougher now that I am unemployed and cannot furnish the ’employment letter’ that most consulates want.

I did manage to ‘travel hack last year’ – when I got a round trip to KL in January last year for just Rs 7000. It was unbelievable! Though in my excitement I conservatively booked for only 3 days. More on that trip later~!

So I am going to consciously travel hack and stick to my resolution of two trips a year. I have starting searching and do see some exciting stuff! Come to think of it, I don’t need so much make up! 


2 thoughts on “On Travel Hacking…

  1. Thanks for sharing such a great presentation!

    Travel hacking is awesome. I only discovered it in the last couple of years, but I’ve already taken complete advantage of it. It’s a little easier here in the US because I can get a credit card for the signup bonus, pay it off, and cancel it to avoid fees. Between this year and last year alone, I paid $10 USD for a flight to New Orleans (normally $400), LA; $206 for two round trip cross-Atlantic flights (normally $3000); $70 for a flight to St. Kitts (normally $600); $20 for two round trip flights to Puerto Rico (normally $700), and have more points lined up already to cover next year’s trips! We don’t really have ‘budget air carriers’ like Ryanair or Air Asia, so booking with points is my best bet in the US.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I really didn’t know there was such a thing as travel hacking.. it’s just the way I have travelled. BTW if you search at the right time, there’s awesome deals to be netted. I found some unbelievable fares from Mumbai to Paris on Emirates in Jan… but well as most Europeans would say, that is not the time to visit Paris.. but travelling off season has its own charm!

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