Make up remover for free!

For most of us who love make-up, make up remover is a must. It doesn’t come cheap with most brands doing a 100 ml for over 300 bucks. I hate spending that much especially when I could get a lippie or a blush instead. Practicing different eye looks makes me run through tons of remover. Till recently, Vaadi cleansing lotion that cost me Rs 35 worked fine for me. Since there was no option to get another (I live in a remote place with no make-up around) and I am too lazy to try any DIY stuff, I tried whatever was in reach.

  1. Moisturizer

Yep. Most moisturizers can double up as  cleansers. I had Evion Vitamin E Cream at hand. Its not too expensive so I  really did not mind using up a bit of this. It’s also safe to use and does not sting or hurt the eyes. Takes off everything including Eyeconic kajal without any scrubbing and moisturises the eye area.

2. Almond Oil, Mineral Oil, Baby oil, any oil

This also works if you if you are stuck without make up remover and don’t have a replacement at hand. But I think dry skinned girls would find this better. I used a Aurita herbals Carrot oil for a few days. Though it cleaned all residue and traces of makeup, my oily skin does not like the oil. I have to wash my face to get rid of the oil. But if you use the long wear/ long stay make up like gel eyeliners or long stay lipsticks then using oil to cleanse away or break down the make up.

3. Aloe Vera Gel

Ohh. This was a surprise find. I have been using aloe vera gel for years during summer but it somehow never occured to me to use it as a make-up remover. It even removes mascara and is gentle so no worries if it gets in your eyes. If you want a make-up remover with a liquid texture, you could try aloe vera juice instead. Quite a few, DIY blogs recommend mixing aloe vera and olive oil. I don’t think its necessary for my skin and the make up I use. Though you could mix it, if you need a stronger cleanser. I use Brihans Aloe Vera gel, you could use whatever you like. I have not tried the using the gel direct from the plant. If you do happen to try it, let me know how it works


This too works. Vaseline is a known cleanser but I’ve seen it used mainly to clean nails during a pedicure. It may be too heavy for the eye area and certainly not for summer. It would however make a great winter cleanser.

None of the above are DIY methods. Lazy me believes in doing as little as possible. A lot of DIY stuff on the net for make-up removers recommend some oil mixed with water and baby shampoo or baby wash. I think its too much work.

Most make up removers have a bunch of chemicals. some may even contain parabens. For example, the Maybelline make up remover contains the following ingredients.

Aqua/Water, cyclepentaxil oxane, Isohexadecane, isopropyl palmitate, panthenol, dipotassium phosphate, poloxamer 184, polyamino propyl, biguanide potassium phosphate, sodium chloride, CI 61565, Green 6,

Now none of these are harmful but, you seriously don’t need to overload your skin with chemicals when a natural cleanser works just fine and regular stuff lying about at home could do the job.

I don’t think I will buy make up remover again.


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