Vellvette Box Review: Why I don’t like beauty boxes

When I started reading beauty blogs in November last year, I was intrigued with the concept of beauty boxes and immediately wanted to subscribe to one but Lush box was not accepting any new subscribers at the time and then they stopped. Then I heard about Vellvette and as soon as the January box opened up, I ordered the January box. I wasn’t planning to buy any luxury full size products but wanted to use it more as a way to try out different new products without spending on a full size product.

Velvette Box

So after reading the bunch of reviews, I eagerly subscribed. I think the blogs may have built up my expectations a bit too much as I was dreaming of Clarins, Shiseido etc. mainly foundations, lip colour or a mascara.

My January box had a Clinique Face wash, Nyasa Belgian Chocolate Scrub and a white (*shudder*) nail OPI nail paint. The Face wash and the scrub were ok but I don’t really want to sample face wash. As I don’t spend on expensive face wash and bath products but I do care about foundation and skin care and did mention the same in their questionnaire. I wouldn’t have been so distraught ifI had received a nicer colour nail polish.

I wrote a review on their website (which they didn’t publish!) and sent in my feedback through their Facebook page and I got a polite reply which said they don’t guarantee products BUT which I understood as ‘frankly-we-have-too-many-customers-we-don’t-care.’

So I didn’t order the next month’s box and waiting for reviews of the following month – it was the same combination for all – give or take a few variations. I almost got tempted to order for the blush. Then I took out my blush collection and had a good look at it and decided not to. Not like it was a Lancome blush or anything.

And the next month too was the same standard combo with a whole lot of complaints with the sachets and the fish collagen supplements. People were beginning to question the whole customisation bit.

I felt strongly about 2 points:

1.Their customization claim falls flat. To be able to customize  one must have access to a very wide range of samples so that each box reflects each person’s individual needs. This, I have figured they do not have in place. I am guessing they procure a large volume of samples to be able to offer 3 samples for 400 bucks and dish out the same every month. What doesn’t get used up gets randomly distributed the following month for variety. All I’m saying is, don’t tom-tom a claim if you know you can’t deliver. Just say we are sending you 3 random samples and your customers will know they should expect random samples.

2. Hopeless customer service. I can understand bad customer service when you have a very large volume of customers. But for a service that’s just starting up with a demanding set of customers, you’d better step up. I’d have been happy if they had offered to fix it a wee bit like exchange the colour of the OPI nail paint. Instead, they asked me ‘give them another chance to delight me further’. Had they delighted me then, I would have ordered another box or even ordered a 3 or 6 month subscription.

3. Bloggers vs lesser mortals – I used to think that the bloggers got better stuff. But after reading a few accounts where they’ve goofed up even with the bigger blogs, I don’t think that’s the case. They don’t discriminate with the bad service 😛

After viewing the next 3 boxes, I don’t think I would have been delighted. In fact, by not ordering the next 3 boxes from Feb to April, I have saved 1200 bucks which I shall now use that money to buy something I really like.  Perhaps MAC Face and Body or the Studio Finish concealer which I have heard is good value for money.

That’s why I waited so long to post an objective review of the Vellvette box and it’s the same reason I won’t subscribe to any other box. I see so many bloggers fawning over the boxes. I just think it’s the thrill and novelty of receiving ‘surprise products.’ I just don’t think it’s for me.

Now excuse me while I spend my 1200 bucks on a product I really like.



9 thoughts on “Vellvette Box Review: Why I don’t like beauty boxes

  1. I agree with you, I had the glossybox for a few months, I find they make some boxes amazing just so you subscribe and then the next few boxes are awful and a waste of money. It’s a nice idea and I’ve had some decent products but it’s not worth it every month in my opinion, I’ve stopped getting them xx

  2. ‘frankly-we-have-too-many-customers-we-don’t-care.’ – I so agree! They sent me damaged products in two boxes and they don’t even bother to reply to your mails till about a fortnight, which is really sad! they sure have too many people going ga ga over their services, so one or two people who are dissatisfied with the services won’t really matter!

    • I think this dissatisfied number is growing.. the prob is the boxes are too boring> I see a greater number of people fed up with sachets, and unknown brands when they’ve pitched it as a so called ‘luxury sampling service”

      • No matter how dissatisfied one is they will still subscribe. There is an element of surprise that everyone waits for when the box arrives.

      • To each their own! I think its a big waste of money. Have not regretted not re-ordering one bit! I guess many beauty bloggers need to subscribe to post reviews etc

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