My Experience at Four Fountains Spa – Review

I first heard about Four Fountains Spa in 2008 from a Pune based friend who raved about their service and prices and actually even made plans to go to Pune just to enjoy a day of pampering. That never materialized however I did get a chance to experience their services when I moved to Pune in 2010. I had gone just for a massage but ended up taking a silver membership.

So when I was approached by Four Fountains marketing team to review their services, I was keen to experience the services as it stands now, as a lot may have changed in the last two years.

Booking Experience

After confirming the slot at the Malad branch, I was given a reminder call an hour ahead of my appointment. This is a good feature for the busy, forgetful type (like me).

I reached right on time and had the various services explained to me. I am quite familiar with their services as I have experienced almost every kind of massage – Swedish, Thai, Aromatherapy, facials etc. I was keen to try out their body polish and wraps and had almost decided to try that but I really needed a massage. I was also asked a few questions from a questionnaire to determine my stress levels. The results were ‘medium stress however I still went with the Swedish massage and the lady recommended I add a head massage.


This I must say had improved over the years. Three years back, it looked like a ‘budget spa’ or perhaps that is only indicative of a particular branch. I cannot generalize but I can only speak from my past experience.


The room and the attached shower room was clean. I was delighted to find the shower attached to the room. The Magarpatta City (Pune) spa had a common shower area (separate for ladies) but having the attached shower is much better.

My attendant/masseuse was polite and helped me with the facilities. The head massage takes about 15 minutes and is very relaxing. The Swedish massage takes 60 minutes. Though initially I found it a bit rough as it is a deep tissue massage, I bore with it and I am glad I did as later I felt the tension ease and almost fell asleep with the soothing music. After the massage, I felt energised and more active rather than sleepy. All the kinks, aches and pains had vanished.

I was given a little glass of green tea, a little tub of cooling and de-stressing gel, a feedback card and a card for the next appointment which offers head massage free, if you avail of the appointment within the next month.


Now for the good part…

I am always price conscious and look for a service that is value for money. The price for the massages range from Rs 1499 onward. The menu is available online here. While in Mumbai, the rates are uniform, they have different rates for different centres in Pune e.g. services in Magarpatta, Wanowrie and some other branches are a bit lower.

They have pre-paid memberships where you can pay up front, and as you book a massage, it gets deducted from your balance. There are special rates for Gold, Silver and Happy Hour memberships.

I highly recommend the Happy Hour membership which costs Rs 15,000 upfront and is available only from 10 am to 5 pm on weekdays BUT

  • You get access to special 50% off rates
  • You can share it with friends and family. If you find Rs 15,000 too steep you can even split it with a friend or two.
  • Even, if you are a working professional I’d say get the Happy Hour membership as no one works ALL the time. You could take it when you are on leave or you are on a day off mid-week or bunk work just to pamper yourself at the spa! You could always have a ‘doctor’s appointment’ during a work day. 

When I booked a package in 2010, I found 10,000 bucks a bit steep and was hesitating to pay that much up front, but the centre manager mentioned that there was a corporate scheme running where I could pay just Rs 5000 but with a validity of only 6 months. I grabbed it and managed to get a good number of massages for just 5k but prices were a bit lower too in 2010. So when it comes to discounts, just ask. It could be your lucky day.

Overall View

I think the services have really gotten better that what it used to be. It feels a wee bit more premium. I have spent a bomb on spas at the Taj Kovalam and The Emirates Club in Dubai. The more luxurious spas have plusher interiors, may offer you a bath robe or some spa product samples maybe. But when it comes down to the actual massage, there’s not much difference as it depends on the skill of the masseuse.

Tip: Never book a massage at the end of the day when the masseuse is in a hurry to get home or get to a date. Ouch! This time I went in the afternoon.

 I have no hesitation in stating that the massage was complimentary. I give credit where its due. I have also added my observations of when I was a paying customer.



2 thoughts on “My Experience at Four Fountains Spa – Review

  1. Wow, this sounds so tempting. A few months before I left Google, we got our in house massage room, while Google Hyderabad had a tie up with a very nice spa and also had a wonderful in house massage room. Unfortunately I have never experienced this pampering so far though I so look forward to such relaxation. I read each and every line and almost became a part of your experience 🙂

    • ooohh an in house massage room! How lucky! I would have never left 🙂 and stayed just for the massages. Yea.. I love massages and I needed one especially after writing exam papers for so many days, my arms and shoulders were sore. I still have their Summer Splash coupon but am still debating whether to spend on a massage or buy something from Buyincoins 🙂

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