Faces Cosmetics Blush – Review

Over the last year, I have found myself getting to be a blush addict. I feel that it adds colour and brightens up the face. But if overdone, you could end up with clown cheeks. Just how much is too much?

I went out yesterday to get a couple things done and I wore the peachy Jordana Blush in Coral Sandy Beach. Now I always buff loose powder just in case I have gone overboard with the blush. The person who I was with asked me if my cheeks were swollen as I seemed a bit red. I just mumbled something about the heat and frantically looked at myself in the mirror while driving. All ok there, so well…..

Anyways, that isn’t going to make me give up wearing blush anytime soon.

I started with the cheaper Jordana blushes that cost me Rs 180 to 220. While they are really nice, I recently happened to pick up a Faces Cosmetics blush and realised what a huge difference there was in quality.


The Faces blush that I am reviewing is not the Glam On blush that is made in India by Aero Pharma Ltd. It’s from the international range that is only available in the Faces Cosmetics stores.

I have never bothered much with Faces blushes but during the recent sale, I just happened to run a brush over the tester and was amazed at the pigmentation and the finely milled the powder. I tested it on my cheeks and I was sold. I wanted to get them all but I had to remind myself of how many blushes I have at home.

pan pic

I picked the shade in NB000024. I hate that these have numbers. It’s a deep and dusty rose pink with a hint of purple and goes very well with my complexion and any medium to dusky complexions. Fair complexioned girls will have to apply this with a very light hand.


It’s highly pigmented and one swipe of the brush is enough to get the colour on your cheeks. The powder is very fine so settles into your skin giving it a glow.  It has no shimmer but neither is it completely matte. It’s not powdery and won’t leave a powdery trail all over your dresser.


I find myself reaching out for this almost every day. It photographs very well. I still love my Jordana blushes but I think I am ready to move on to better quality blush. I think the price is very reasonable if you consider that even a blush from Lakme or a Lotus is priced above 500 bucks.

Face pic

Price: Rs 549. I got it during the sale so this was 30 per cent off at Rs 330

Verdict: 4/5

Bottomline: I think this is a must have blush and will take a long time to get over. I have too many blushes but I think I may pick up another shade during their next sale.





2 thoughts on “Faces Cosmetics Blush – Review

  1. That’s indeed a very very pretty shade. I started with blushes last year and have a few cream blushes as I have dry cheeks. I am yet to figure out how well they work in the summers as I have never tried powdery products before. They lokk made up on me.

    • And I have oily skin so I can’t do cream blushes. I think with powder blushes, you need something very finely milled so it settles into your cheeks rathr than sits on top of it. I think after this blush I am ready for the more expensive MAC blushes…could be worth spending 1200-1500 esp as shelf life for a powder blush is 3 years.
      Why don’t you look at neutral blushes like MAC blushbaby that just give a sheen and slight hint of colour?
      I think in India ppl are just not accustomed to make up as the average Mumbai girls don’t wear make up (the handful of beauty bloggers dont count). so any visible colour and u actually get comments like the one I mentioned in my post.. heehee

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