66 Lip Palette Review

Ok, I know I am quite late to the palette party. Almost every blogger in town has one of these from Coastal Scents and BH Cosmetics. But I find the international shipping costs to expensive at a minimum of $15. It would still be fine, if it were a flat shipping rate like MUA’s 7.50 GBP flat shipping so if you order many things, it balances out the shipping cost. But no, it increases to an insane $35 which works out higher than your order. No, thank you Coastal Scents and BH Cosmetics.


When I first came across, I did extensive research of all the reviews on blogs as well as Youtube. After being satisfied that  was a reliable site as far as the beauty stuff goes, I ordered the 120 eye palette and make up brushes which are still on the way I guess. However the 66 lip palette which I ordered 3 days later, reached me yesterday!


Buyincoins has a 66 palette, a 32 lip palette and a 15 lip palette. I went for the 66 as I wanted to have some fun with the color variety but if you want fewer more wearable colors and greater quantity, you could go for the 32 or the 15.


The palette itself is a slim, flimsy palette. Though it’s not travel size, I do see myself taking this with me on a trip as it would give me access to a lot of colours without having to carry a lot of lipsticks. Since its a lip palette, there’s no danger of damage to the product as in the case of an eye shadow palette.

The quantity of each shade is reaaally tiny and would be used up if you wore a shade 2-3 times. But that’s the good part. I have never, ever used an entire lipstick to the end but I see myself using this up. The palette has reds, pinks, bronzes, purples, greys, blues. It has lip sticks with opaque coverage as well as glosses. I am just over the moon with it. I have even used the blue gloss though I will use the blue lipsticks as eye shadow. The blue can even be mixed with other shades.The staying power is quite impressive – around 2.5 hours. I wasn’t expecting this to last even 30 minutes. I have already hit the plan with the blue lip gloss.


As to concerns about quality, I don’t believe everything that is made in China is bad quality. I’ve even read reports of branded lipsticks having high levels of lead. I would say don’t use it too often. The quantity of each shade is so little that this would get used up in 3-4 uses.

Cost:  $6.69 which works out to Rs Rs 363 (awesome isn’t it?)

Availability: Here Allow at least 20 days for delivery. I ordered this on the 6th of April and it was delivered yesterday. I am still waiting for my first order. It’s free shipping for anything you buy! Yay!



6 thoughts on “ 66 Lip Palette Review

  1. Okay so you finally received it YAY! and you liked it too, double YAY!! 🙂 And I just saw the calculation. You won’t fet a single decent lipstick at that price. Good choice Avina.

    • Yes! Have been using it everyday. I got my the rest of the stuff yesterday! The 120 palette came with almost 10 eye shadows broken but I will try to fix it. Super happy with the rest of the stuff. Doing a haul post today.

  2. hey…a gr8 review…
    Even i want one bt I have never ordered dpne online shopping before..
    M alwz scared of the shipping prices..
    But you said its free it realy?? Is it going to ship me free to delhi also??
    Do i just need to pay for the product cost and nothing extra??

    Plz answr and thnk u 🙂

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