Eye Pencils vs Auto Eyeliner – Wastage or Not

I had an a-ha moment today. A random thought entered my mind as I recalled a few blog reviews on eye liners and eye pencils. most reviews will almost always have a standard line stating that while using a pencil eye liner, one wastes a lot of product while sharpening while the auto or retractable eye pencils, product doesn’t get wasted as its retractable therefore no product wastage due to sharpening. The same goes for lip pencils.

Lakme Eyeconic, Faces Long Wear Eye pencil

Let us consider two products from two popular brands that are similarly priced – the wildly popular Lakme Eyeconic Kajal and Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil. 

Both are priced in the same range. Lakme Eyeconic is at Rs 199 while Faces Long Wear is priced at Rs 249/-

Lakme Eyeconic, Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil

Lakme Eyeconic Kajal net weight: 0.35g and Faces Long Wear net weight: 1.15g. That is a little over 3 times the quantity!

Secondly lets take Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner and Jordana Lip Liner (pencil). This isn’t about pricing just quantity that each type of lip pencil offers. Besides I only have these products to compare.  

Rimmel net weight: 0.25 g and Jordana net weight: 0.85 g

So you see that the pencil eye liners are always more cost effective. You could compare the auto eye liner with the pencil eye liner of the same brand and the pencil eye liner will always give you more as the product is available (almost) all the way through the length of the pencil. however not so with the retractable eye liners.

With regard to the product wastage while sharpening, just don’t sharpen the pencil to a point. Sharpen gently just to get rid of the wood to expose the product. No wastage!

I feel that eye pencils are a lot more eco-friendly, provided of course that the pencil is made of wood. I wouldn’t say that its entirely eco-friendly but there’s comparatively less plastic waste.

This post is entirely about quantity so I have NOT gone into quality nor have i pitted one brand against the other. If you were to compare retractable vs pencils from the same range you would undoubtedly get more product in the pencil. It’s a different matter if you don’t like sharpening, but just wanted to bust the product wastage myth.


4 thoughts on “Eye Pencils vs Auto Eyeliner – Wastage or Not

  1. That’s a very interesting post with proper examples to back up. I am one of those who stay away from pencil eyeliners and lip pencils. My one problem was sharperner. But recently I found a decent one which sharpens them properly, so I am going to buy pencil ones too. However, the wastage part comes into picture when i have found the lid inside the pencil to be already broken. So when you sharpen it, it is not much product wastage really. However, when you expose a long broken lid on sharpening and then retry and again a long broken piece of product comes out, how does that feel? I have had that experience a few times with different brands. I am completely with you on the quantity part. Just by giving a fancy retractable packing, they are actually minting money by providing that small quantity. And the Faces pencil now costs INR 349 😦

    • I hear you on the breaking of the lead! I have not experienced it so far with Faces and Maybelline pencils but very common with the Jordana pencils. Also I feel breakage of the lead is related more to the quality of the lead and breakage can also happen with retractable pencils. My Rimmel retractable pencil lead breaks every time I apply it to my lips 😦 even when I expose a small part of the lead.

      I swear by the Lakme sharpener. My sharpener is 15 years old. I bought it in the final year of college and it is still going strong. I have just recently got a new one.

  2. so what is your opinion on the qauntity and quality of lakme and faces eyepencils………regarding both price and durability of the products…..as my eyes are too sensitive to experiment…..

    • I think a pencil also scores over an auto eyeliner in terms of quantity and lasts long. the shelf life of a pencil eyeliner is 2-3 years so will last a long time..
      I have used Lakme, Faces and Maybelline and all are good. I have had no reaction but I dont have sensitive eyes…. but my faces pencils off late esp the brown have been giving me a little trouble..

      since you have sesitive eyes I think you should use only pencils that are ‘opthalmologiocally tested’ — Chambor, Lakme Absolute say so on the product

      If your eyes are very sensitive, dont wear them on the water line.. wear just outside the waterline and smudge a bit with a Q tip. I hv started wearing my eyeliner this way for summer

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