Sampling Box – Review

After my disappointment with the Vellvette Box, I had sworn off any kind of beauty sampling box. Then Tryortrade caught my eye.  It seemed like an interesting concept as it was a mix of beauty, food, organic stuff and was so inexpensive that I couldn’t not try it.

So a quick visit was paid to the Tryortrade website. The service works this way – you select from a (small) amount of samples displayed online, all at different rates. The samples range from Biotique, flavoured olive oil bottles, herbal stuff like sun ban removal, face packs, scrubs, regular drug store lip balms. All of these are at discounts for example the Biotique samples are Rs 22 only which are almost 60 per cent off. You can only pick four samples in a box. After adding up whatever you have picked, shipping costs Rs 49.

I picked:

1. Sattvik  Organic Sunban Remedy for Sun Tan – Rs 25

2. Biotique Watercress Hair Conditioner – Rs 48

3. Malia Bar – I picked the assorted pack of 7 flavours for Rs 50

4. Nirvaha Natural Mud Face Pack – Rs 15

It worked out to Rs 194. I found a coupon on Couponraja, so I got a discount and ended up paying Rs 152. I am however confused about the rates. The Malia bar combo costs Rs 35 for 7 samples but the price shown is Rs 50. in my order. Shipping costs are displayed as Rs 49 per box but in my order shows as Rs 56. I don’t remember what the Biotique samples were at when I ordered but the price in my order is Rs 48 and now at Rs 22.  If there’s one thing that ticks me off its unreliable pricing. I am fine with giving them benefit of doubt as I ordered a long time back and don’t exactly remember how much they were at.

I had upcoming exams and I was away from home so I forgot about it for the time being. However, the fact that the box had not reached was at the back of my mind neither was there any message saying my package had been shipped. Finally, after two weeks when I got back to Mumbai, I commented on their Facebook page. I got a reply saying it would be shipped shortly.


After a few days I got a call from TryorTrade stating that the box was held up as one of the products was out of stock. They offered me two samples instead of the one that was out of stock. So I picked the flavoured olive oil and Biotique Morning Nectar Moisturiser.

After two days, still no sign of the box. So I comment again on their Facebook wall and got an instant reply stating that it was on transit.

I finally got it today. I got what I ordered. All products intact except:

1. I got Biotique Body Lotion instead of Morning Nectar Moisturiser and I got Chilli Flavoured Olive oil instead of the Oregano flavoured olive oil

2. The Malia Bar samples  are reallly tiny. Rs 50 for 7 bite sized pieces is a bit on the expensive side.

I am so relieved to finally get the box after 20 days that I don’t mind receiving a few wrong products. All in all, I think I received value for money. I noticed that the prices keep fluctuating. The Biotique samples are at Rs 22 now so I think it may be a good time to get some Biotique stuff at cheaper rates! I do hope this time, I get it soon.


I am not willing to write Tryortrade off entirely. But I do hope that they get past the teething troubles. The products are not unique as some of the products like Biotique, Lotus are available in drugstore. The only benefit would be to perhaps buy at a discount.  While customer service is quite good, waiting for 20 days to get a package is the deal breaker.

Disclaimer: I was not approached by Try or Trade. I ordered on my own 

PS: Sorry for the terrible pics. I opened the box when i got back from work as just couldn’t wait till morning to take pics in sunlight as I wanted to eat the Malia bars. They’re all gone now! And they were yummy and yes too small.


6 thoughts on “ Sampling Box – Review

  1. Hi

    Thank you so much for the excellent blog! Some excellent suggestions for us. 🙂

    I am really sorry you had to wait so much for the box(and the substitute samples). We were facing some issues with regard to logistics due to heavy volumes, but we are close to having everything fixed.

    I really hope you will give us another opportunity to serve you!

    Best Regards
    Gaurav Gupta
    Co-Founder, TryOrTrade.Com

    • You are welcome, Gaurav. I do like your concept..I see that you have added some new samples and will try it again. Please do add more health and organic foods and also an option where one could buy the full size products at maybe some discount.

  2. I have order some free samples on 20th July with order id 1922 but not received yet. Even their customer care switched off and never received any reply for my any emails from their side. Guys be aware of this fraud business site.Never pay them in advance.

  3. Dear Amit.

    We have received your order and you will be receiving it very soon. Please be rest assured.

    Samples typically take 7 business days to reach from the date of ordering, however we will try to expedite your order.

    Thank you for your patronage. We hope to delight you!

    Team TryOrTrade.

  4. Hi Babjee here,
    My order id: 10256

    Received hope less goods from Try Or Trade
    What they have shown is totally different from the received one.
    They have shown Olive Oil bottles of fine package, Despatched Castor oil Bottles of 2012 Manufacturing…. Means Expired Stocks.
    Total Waste of money and Time.

    Please don’t anything buy from tryortrade. Its totally cgrade one.

  5. worst customer care service. will give wrong information about shipping. you will need to call them again n again, if ever they pick da phone they will give some vague answer. will never buy from them again. wasted my money. my order id 2311. its already 9 days my home is less than 20 km from their office . they have all kind of excuses.

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