A gift for a newborn boy – Shopping Review

I recently became aunt to a handsome little boy who is all of ten days old and I wanted to send him a little welcome gift. I was looking for something unique, well – a unique T shirt, at least, since sending toys and heavy stuff overseas was not an option.

I originally wanted to pick a Tantra T shirt, but since Tantra doesn’t make clothes for ‘just arrived’ little boys, I had to go to other sources. I know I am kanjoos at heart but this was one baby that I did not want to shop for at Dadar station for Rs 20 smocks and jhablas, though I do think they are adorable.


The first port of call was quite obviously Mothercare. I went to Mothercare at InOrbit Mall, Malad. I did pop in briefly at a Mothercare outlet at Oberoi Mall, so I sort of knew what I was looking for. I wanted funky T shirts that said cute stuff. There was good variety and I was almost sold on some T-shirts. By now, I had decided to get a size from 3 to 6 months as if I picked a new born size, the kid would outgrow the tee by the time the package reached Australia. Simple tees started from Rs 299/ onwards, though the average price was Rs 399 to 499 for T shirts. Shirts, jeans and other smart stuff were over 900 bucks! That’s a bit expensive for a kid who is going to outgrow it super soon. But if you have tons of spare cash to spend, this is the best that is available.

Lifestyle Kids Section 

I then moved to Lifestyle. They have a nice kids wear brand called ‘Juniors’ for both boys and girls starting from 3 months onwards. There’s nothing really for new born babies. I found the girls range a bit cheaper than the boy’s clothes as I could see girls T shirts starting from Rs 199. The buy T shirts costs about Rs 300 onward. Stuff like a polo T-shirt or smart checked shirts are a tad lower priced than Mother care at Rs 650 onward. Jeans for little men were about Rs 750 onward. Not bad at all.

Gini and Jony

Hopped across here. They too have smart clothes but very little for kids under one year. I saw an interesting pack of two T shirts, that said ‘My first ride’ and ‘my first flight’ but it looked a bit more for a 6 month old than a 3 month old. What’s the difference? I really wouldn’t know!

Me and Mom’s

This is right across from Gini and Jony but I did not like this at all. I am sure that they have good merchandise but the shop was small and cluttered and I did not see what I was looking for so I got out really fast.


This was my last stop as I know that they do have a kids section. Here, I really found all I was looking for! T-shirts were priced at Rs 199. I even got a T- shirt and shorts set for Rs 399. Aren’t those shoes cute just fr RS 375? The shoes are from Me and Moms’ brand called MeeMee. I made sure to pick the softest pair though I know he’s going to have to wait till he is a bit older to wear it!
IMG_1290 shoes 1

I recommend Hypercity, if you are looking for nice and smart clothes that’s not very expensive. There’s not a lot of variety as in Mothercare. There are mainly T-shirts and track pants and pyjamas.


But the stock keeps changing and I know that the quality is nice as I have been wearing clothes from Hypercity for years now. Some of my tops are going strong even after 3-4 years of regular use.



So what do you think of my haul? Sorry I couldn’t get pics of all places as I did not take my camera along and this wasn’t really a planned post. I just have to start posting about stuff other than make up and I am glad that I could share this with you.


One thought on “A gift for a newborn boy – Shopping Review

  1. Congratulations on becoming a aunt 🙂 I LOVED your shopping since I have also always bought t-shirts with such witty wordings for my little one. My fav is the Juniors brand at Lifestyle as the quality I have experienced with this brand exceeded all other high end brands. Disney is the WORST and I mean it in Caps and Bold. Awww this is such a heart warming post as it reminded me of my initial mommyhood days. I also used to go crazy seeing so much stuff around and deciding what would be best in terms of quality and price.

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