My Buyincoins Haul

So after a month of waiting, it finally arrived today. I paid Rs 324 to the postman as the customs handling fee or whatever but someday I am going to Customs House and getting to the bottom of this. I want to know on what basis do they charge the handling fee.

Now, back to my haul. I am so thrilled with whatever I got! I had ordered the 120 eye shadow palette, a brow powder, brushes (my first brush set) and a pair of leggings. And this is what I got. I will review all of it later.

Brow Powder

Brow Powder


I was really surprised to see this. They certainly did not advertise it as MAC. In fact, the pics on website show a plain black box. The outer carton as well as the box look and feel like a MAC product – no telltale spelling mistakes etc. I am pretty sure, it is a fake. The shader contains a brow powder in shade ‘walnut’ and a golden highlighter which i am going to use as an eyeshadow. The product is highly pigmented and though it seems light in the pan, it works well for my brows. Yay for this! This cost me roughly $2.59 and is available here.

120 eyeshadow palette

The second product is the 120 eye shadow palette. I was a bit disappointed, since as many as 10 eye shadows came broken but the good part is as each tray is covered with a plastic sheet and then completely sealed in plastic, the broken eyeshadow powder does not spread. It remains contained in the pan without causing a mess. The site suggests adding a few drops of rubbing alcohol to reset the powder, so I shall do that today. I already love it – the colours are pigmented. Some are a bit chalky but those are the shades that I don’t really care much about. I shall do a detailed review a bit later after I have used it for sometime. This cost $9.80 and is available here..

make up brushes

The next in line are the brushes. Again, these were not advertised as MAC but has MAC written all over it and attempts to be dupes of popular MAC brushes like 219, 224, 190 etc. While these are obviously fake, some of them actually perform very well. I love the powder brush, and the eye shadow blending brush is pretty awesome. It fits very well into my socket area and blends like a dream! One brush was broken but the ferrule has come off from the handle and can easily be fixed with some glue. This cost $9.79 and is available here. Good Buy!


The last product in my package are my leggings! I was a bit wary about ordering clothes from Chinese websites as they are bad knock offs and usually never fit. Leggings are a safe bet as they are usually free size. The only risk would be if they turned out to be bad quality or had defects. But this was not the case with these ones! These are polyester tight with a denim print so from a distance they look like jeggings. They are thick quality and not transparent at all. They are a bit loose around the ankles but I guess that is because my ankles are a bit thin and it is not so loose that it looks wierd. After seeing me wear them, even my mom wants some pairs.  They cost only $3.50 (INR 188)  and you can get them here. I shall be certainly be ordering more leggings and clothes from Buyincoins as I won’t get leggings of the same price in India.

So far, I am thrilled with whatever I have ordered. I have a cart filled waiting for check out with cute hairbands!


7 thoughts on “My Buyincoins Haul

  1. WOW, i actually went and checked stuff from buyincoins and it is so damn tempting. Did you set up a paypal account to buy stuff from there? How do u pay them?

    • Hi Poornima,
      Thanks for stopping by my blog!.. Yes it is tempting isn’t it.. I registered my Credit card on Paypal and that’ s how I pay for stuff… I have to really hold myself back else I end up buying a lot of unwanted stuff just coz its so cheap.. nest on my list is hair clips and jewellery

      Try a small $10-15 order will save your self customs duty. Since its free shipping you can order as many times as you want

  2. Wow, the packing for the brow powder looks so neat and does look like MAC 🙂 The eyeshadow palette, even in the one I had bought, two shadows broke but thankfully one of the colors was not that good. The leggings really look very rich. Can you please share a picture whenever you wear them next time? The one on BIC site shows the model wearing the black one, but yours looks brighter than the washed out blue showing on BIC.

    • Yep.. Somehow I think Buyincoins does some sourcing direct from factories. I think even the palettes are not just fakes of coastal scents – they are too good quality for that.. maybe a few of these products get stolen or sold by the factory and BIC gets hold of them.

      Yes I will def do an OOTD with the leggings… I just started work so spend spending day and night at the office…I miss my college days!

      • hmmm I also feel they have tie ups with manufacturers to be selling such high quality stuff at such prices. But I am very happy to have found this. The only problem is I am in a remote area and whenever I have to buy from them, I need to have a tracking code as one of the parcels in my first order never reached me coz they split the order and sent one through normal post. And the custom duty you paid on this one, I guess you may have already reached your threshold for this year. I mean customs law has a certain threshold how much stuff can u get from abroad and anything above that attracts fee.

      • But I had to pay customs right from my first 20 pound MUA order 😦 .. the rates are always 270 – 300 even if the order value is about 1700. I always keep a GBP20 and 25 USD Limit..never go over that.. very erratic

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