Lakme Lipstick Exchange offer + Marks & Spencer 50% off!

I have never been a great fan of Lakme Enrich Satin lipsticks, so when I heard about the Lakme Lipstick Exchange Offer, I naturally ignored it. I love Absolute Matte Lipsticks but really don’t love Enrich Satin all that much. I have 2 shades  and they are nice – they staying power isn’t that great and I don’t find myself reaching for them as often.

But since I saw swatches of #356 and #149 online, I just knew I had to get them. I went to look for #356 last week but since the counter did not have a tester I did not buy it. I tried out #149 after work today and knew I had to get it. So as soon as I got home, I dug out an old lipstick from my mom’s vanity case and went on a Lakme lipstick buying mission. I went to Infinity Mall (H&G) outlet but both the shades weren’t available. So I walked to In Orbit, went straight to Lifestyle and got them. I also added another shade to get 100 bucks off. So three lipsticks worked out to Rs 575. Not bad at all. Let me wear them for a bit and then I shall post reviews and swatches in a few days!

I must say this is the first time that I have bought three Lakme lipsticks at one go and loved all three!

IMG_1300 Lakme

While I was at InOrbit, I spotted the 50% off board at Marks and Spencer so headed straight there. I wandered around not really *looking* and then I saw this white shirt that I had had liked a few months back but didn’t buy as I didn’t really need it. Imagine my surprise when I saw the Rs 390 price tag. The shirt has defects – tiny black spots, ink I think. There were two of them – one had a lot of spots on the shoulder and the one I got had one single solitary spot on the shoulder close to the seam. Its barely noticeable. I will be wearing a black coat over it in a few months 🙂

BTW Marks and Spencer UK now ships to India. The delivery to India is priced at an exorbitant GBP 15 but I can see some good offers and you will have access to clothes that you wont be able to buy in the India stores. I think it may be worth the shipping cost. Let me explore it a bit and report back.




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