Silkygirl 2 Way Powder Foundation – Review

Mumbai summer is not kind to foundation of any kind. Even the oil free variety. It’s no humid here that the moment I get my make up done and step out of the house, it’s gone in 60 seconds!  Before you suggest it, a primer doesn’t work as well.


Out of desperation I turned toward my well work pack of powder foundation that I purchased in Kuala Lumpur last year in Jan. I was looking for a not-too-expensive-compact and after examining several options including ones from the well known brands, I settled on Silkygirl, a Malaysia drugstore brand. It helped that it cost only MYR 13.80 (Rs 252). I even got a refill with an extra sponge. the shade that I purchased was Tan (03) which is a tad darker but I didn’t have a choice as the other shades were too light. It has SPF 20 – that’s the best part. But i do usually apply sunscreen under the powder as I feel it helps the powder set better.


I have been using this mostly as a compact since I have oily skin, but occasionally have used it with a wet sponge when I need more coverage. It blends well  and given medium coverage, but I really don’t like using it wet as I feel it doesn’t look as natural. The compact case has little holes so even if you went the sponge, it does fast. Isn’t that awesome? I have never had a problem with the wet sponge spoiling the powder. When used dry, it gives heavier coverage than a normal compact and hides all the little blemishes. I have been using this since January of last year and have finished off the compact entirely. It’s great for oily skin and controls shine but dry skinned people would find this too dry and would need to moisturize considerably before using

In winter I switched to liquid foundation and I the hot and humid summers made me get this out again. I am simply loving it. I do wish I could repurchase but then I would have to make a trip to Malaysia for that. Hmm, not a bad idea!


Well, there’s always E Bay. 

Ditch the foundation this summer! Two way foundations are much kinder to the skin. There’s a newer version of this – Fresh Oil Control 2 way Foundation. I suppose the closest product one can get to this is the Maybelline Clear Glow powder.

So what compact or foundation are you using this summer?



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