How to make your clothes last longer

A lot of us spend money on the latest trends of the season and the best brands and it promptly goes into the washing machine, the local laundry and the rest is history. A few washes later and that smart and brightly coloured shirt or pair of jeans  gets reduced to a shapeless, faded mess.

I have learnt a few tips and tricks to increase the life of my clothes. On an average I wear a pair of good quality work  trousers (work one a week) for at least 6 years. I only give it away when I am bored. 

IMG_1357 lid det

  1. Don’t wash your clothes every single time that you wear them. Machine washing your clothes every time will only make them wear out. If you’ve worn something, just for an hour or two – just air it out and let it dry and it can certainly be worn once more.
  2. Separate and wash. Separate clothing that needs heavier washing in the washing machine from more delicate clothes that need a light soak and rinse
  3. Hand wash knitwear as much as possible. Washing machines especially of the spin drying variety are not kind to knits. After washing use a fabric conditioner like Comfort, if you have the time
  4. Skip the detergent. Commercial detergents have mostly fillers and bleach. Instead use liquid detergents such as Ezee, Safewash and Amway’s SA8 meant for gentle clothes and silks. Clothes today are made out of delicate synthetic fibres that may not withstand the harsh bleach in detergents.Moreover your clothes which are work mostly indoors may not even require such heavy duty cleaning. Save the detergent for your upholstery, linen and maybe (dirty) jeans.
  5. Wash clothes inside-out. Do this especially when you are washing clothes in the washing machine
  6. Dry clothes in the shade. The sun is responsible for clothes fading and losing their colour. Dry clothes in the shade to avoid
  7. Dry knits on a flat surface and not on a clothes line. This will help keep their shape. Knit clothes like T shirts and knit blouses tend to stretch as the weight of the wet clothes tends to drag it down.
  8. Read the wash instructions on the label of every piece of clothing 
  9. Treat stains immediately. Don’t leave that coffee or ball pen stain for later. It will set and refuse to budge later

There’s only one problem with making your clothes last long – You won’t get an excuse to buy more clothes! 


4 thoughts on “How to make your clothes last longer

  1. These are really great tips Avina and I agree on all of them. So good to know you also love taking good care of your clothes 🙂 We have been using Ezee ever since I was a child and when Safewash came into market I switched to that. I handwash almost all my clothes except those which I use rough. It seems Safewash’s quality has degraded recently since every time I use it, the entire skin on my palms chaps and I develop cuts and it takes weeks to get normal, which earlier used to happen only with strong deteregents.

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