The Daily Handbag Food Survival Kit

The ‘what’s in my bag?’ series continues with other stuff in my bag that I cannot do without, apart from my wallet and  mobile phone.

Over the last couple of years, I have developed the habit of eating small meals every couple of hours. i think my system has gotten conditioned to eating smaller portions at one go. Now this is great if you are at home and can fix yourself meals, but if you are in an office, its not feasible to order something every two hours or go out for a snal every couple of hours. Potato chips and biscuits are all right once in a while but healthier options are more sustainable. If you’re on the go or your office is in some remote industrial area with no food around, you will starve or be forced to eat junk. You may think I am melodramatic but I’ve been there and starved.

In a blink, I’d pick food over make up, if I had to choose!

bag 1

I’ve been carrying this a little plastic pouch in my handbag over the last few weeks now that I have started working again. I am amazed now at so many options in terms of ‘portable’ stuff that can be carried in your handbag. No more lugging around large packets or carrying multiple dabbas around! This is what the little pouch inside my handbag consists of these days.


Nature’s Valley Granola Bars: I just love these for a mid morning snack or a mid evening snack at around 4 or 5 pm. I reach out for them  especially when I am travelling or waiting for a flight and everything around costs 200 bucks. At 35 bucks a bar, its healthy nutritious and I love the Roast Almond flavour. Available here


Saffola Muesli: This works for breakfast most days. I have breakfast as soon as I reach office. I have it with a tub of yoghurt (dahi) or a bottle of flavoured milk, since its small size bottled of regular milk are not available. This is a sample pack not for sale but I managed to pick up a few at a local grocery store. You could pick up a bigger size and carry a little in a ziplock bag. Cost: Rs 15


Quaker Oats: While there are a lot of options here including Masala oats, you could pick whatever suits you. I have a sweet tooth for breakfast so really like this flavour. I also carry a small Rs 5 sachet of milk powder. I pop water, milk powder and oats into my office microwave and I have a healthy bowl of oats for breakfast. Cost: Rs 10

Soup: This is a lifesaver for late evening hunger. But needs a microwave to get done. I have it with bread sticks if I have stocked it in my workstation drawer or I make do with pairing the soup with Monaco biscuits. They go well together.

Soft drink sachet: I like a soft drink occasionally but am off aerated drinks.  I usually empty it into my Tupperware glass, add water, shake and enjoy! Tang is my usual favourite but I have been trying these Tropicana Sachets off late. They claim to have converted Tropicana fruit juice into powder form. I have tried Orange and its weird but the  Lemon flavour is all right and tastes like Nimbooz.

Other stuff: I occasionally carry Amul butter chiplets or sachets of Kissan jam that cost Rs 2. Sadly, the sachets are not available in Mumbai. I got some in the little shops on the outskirts of Pune and bought the grocery shops entire stock.

I keep updating what I carry as I get bored of eating the same thing over and over again. This has been working for me for over a month now. Do let me know what you carry in your hand bag and what keeps you from going hungry!




2 thoughts on “The Daily Handbag Food Survival Kit

  1. lov this post- pretty smart…my typical healthy snacking invilvoves chilly peanuts…i also add them as topping to my regular meals…i also love snacking on carrots ‘slightly touching’ them with chilly powder-salt mix…curd is an excellent hunger beater….fruits are amazing too and at work(when i was working) we all used to get fruit bowls…chocolate milk shakes are available in cartons and they are far healthier than soda if ure looking for something tasty and energy giving….while simply, increadibly thirsty, you should resist the great temptation to buy soda till u quickly drink some water instead…once you finish drinking water, the craving for that bottle of pepsi stops and you can congratulate yourself for the hundred-ish calories you just saved yourself from consuming

    • Oh Peanuts are great too.. so’s roasted chana esp in the evening which is the crucial time that one tends to want to eat junk.. I feel like having wada pao, samosas etc as tons of street food outside my office but I don’t step down at all. I just make a soup and stay put! its easier on the pocket and your health 🙂

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