Weekend Earrings

I picked these up on the Mumbai local train on my way back from work. For Rs 10 each. Though I would have loved a peach or a pink, this was the best I could find. I never thought I would wear them but I actually did! Wore the blue on Saturday and the red on Sunday.


earring final

Will be keeping an eye out for more colours! I certainly do not want to pay 700 bucks for a pair of these from Accessorize! Ten bucks I can live with even if they do look a bit tacky, it how you carry it off that matters

red 1


9 thoughts on “Weekend Earrings

  1. hey i love this…i know these things could look tacky sometimes but sometimes they surprise u by outliving the overpriced ones u find at malls even by years

    • Absolutely! I have stuff from the Mumbai local trains that I’ve picked up 15 years back and still use sometimes….you still get the best stuff on the Delhi and Mumbai streets!

  2. The red ones are so glossy Avina and I can’t believe the price yet. I had been eyeing a rose ring for soo so long. Had once seen a very pretty one at accessorize but I thought may be next time and that next time never came. I have a Zaveri pearls set in red roses and these studs start from INR 150 for most brands. U got them at 10 bucks! Wow.

    • These do look a bit tacky.. perfect with a Tee and jeans or a casual dress. The Zaveri pearls rose studs are actually very pretty and can be worn with semi formal or formal stuff… I want one of them but I have imposed a shopping ban on myself 😦

      • Oh I see! I don’t have the individual studs from Zaveri pearls. I had bought a very pretty rose jewelry set (1+1 free another set in the same price range or less), they always had that offer at the mall I used to go to in Rajouri in Delhi.

      • In Mumbai, the Shoppers Stop / Lifestyle Zaveri Pearls counters have a whole lot of earrings – mostly pearls but sometimes they hv just rose studs in coral and diff colours like pale pink. very classy with little little green stones fr leaves. Not cheap but very pretty

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