Lakme Enrich Satins Lipstick Review – Shade# 356


356 LipstickIt’s not easy finding the perfect red lipstick. There are all kinds of red lipsticks – blue based reds, maroonish-reds, yellow-based reds, pinky-reds, orangey-reds and whatever. I don’t have the kind of lips to carry off a red lipstick so while I have always had a red lipstick in my stash, I’ve never quite warmed up to the shades I have, preferring to use it as a stain rather than a lipstick.

The Lakme Enrich Satins Lipstick in #356  is however an exception. This summer I picked up a few shades when Lakme launched their Lipstick Exchange Offer. I got this one after reading recco from Indianvanitycase. I did not swatch this as ‘five’ Lakme counters that I went to just did not have a tester of this shade.

356 Bullet


When i got home and tried it on – wow! I have fallen in love with the shade as well as the formula. I don’t think much of the Lakme Enrich or Enrich Satins formula and I don’t expect much either. They are all right for couple of hours wear and don’t last beyond an hour and a half or two. Lakme Enrich Satins #356 is creamy and does not settle into fine lines at all. It’s a pinkish-red that I think will be flattering on all skin tones particularly medium to dusky complexions.

356 swatch

It has a glossy satin finish. I did catch some very fine shimmer that is not visible at all in day light but you can catch it under yellow light. Not visible when worn though – it just makes the lips look fuller. The wear time is not great like most of the shades in this range. it lasts 2.5 to 3 hours but it does leave a stain that lasts a while. It doesn’t wear off evenly, so wear with a lip pencil underneath and do keep checking the mirror to redistribute the colour. What I like most about this shade and formula is that it brightens up the face instantly and looks very glam.

Price: Rs 225 (I got a discount as I got Rs 100 off for 3 lipsticks)

This already a favourite as I have been reaching for this every time I want a bright lip colour. My ‘pinks and fuschias’ have been very neglected since this arrived on the scene!

6 thoughts on “Lakme Enrich Satins Lipstick Review – Shade# 356

  1. I was expecting a lip swatch since this IS a very lovely bright shade. Nice review and good discount. I saw the swatch for #149 on IVC. Which is the third shade you got?

    • I shot a couple of lip swatches on different days but I am not happy with them as its not capturing the way it actually looks. Its been very cloudy and raining heavily here in Mumbai.. I shot the swatch a few weeks back when it was bright and sunny..

      The third shade is #145.. which I think is a close dupe for MAC Cosmo. I pair it with a MUA gloss in a similar shade and looks like a lovely neutral lip for work..Really impressed with the formula of the three lippies that I got.

  2. Okay, I am in love. what a pretty colour.. In fact i have been wearing this color from oriflame for quite sometime now and i fish a lot of compliments.. its called Power Shine Satin Lipstick – Ultra Pink…love the colour texture and the compliments i get 😉

    • I googled it and it is a pretty shade.. a bit expensive for 1.6 gms. I have something similar in MUA Fashionista Lipstick which just came in the post yesterday! Will do a post soon

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