How to Cleanse Your Face with Water

Most of us spend  a lot of time reading about skin care, researching products and figuring out the perfect CTM routine. Cleansers are particularly important as the foundation for the good skin care. No amount of moisturizers, acne creams and anti ageing creams can salvaged badly cleansed skin, clogged pores etc. Sometime in our quest for the perfect cleanser we forget that nature’s most effective cleanser is right at hand! Here are some tips for effective cleaning with just water! No cleanser at all. I have been trying this for a week and I must say there have been no adverse effects on my face. My face feels cleansed and fresh.


By Sergiu Bacioiu from Romania (Water Drop – Explored) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

You will need:

  1. Warm tepid water. Do not use water that is too hot as you will damage the capillaries on your face which may result in broken capillaries.  Using water that is too hot can also dry out your skin.
  2. Use a wash cloth, preferably pure cotton. Wash and sterilize each time you use it and use a fresh washcloth for each time that you wash your face.

How to

  1. If you talk a walk or exercise, wash your face right after that.
  2. Steam your face for a bit with gentle steam which will help open up the pores. You could fill a large bowl with hot water and steam your face. Use fresh warm water to wash your face.
  3. You could add sea salt to water as salt is anti-bacterial. Gently massage your face with the salt granules for exfoliation. Alternately, you could also exfoliate with a few granules of sugar. Rub in circular motion to exfoliate
  4. Use a soft pure cotton wash cloth or a napkin but make sure you wash thoroughly and dry immediately after. Use a fresh napkin each time. I keep 2-3 napkins and keep washing and drying.
  5. After cleansing, splash water on your face and eyes several times. You will feel refreshed and calm and water has a soothing effect on the mind.
  6. Add a drop or two of olive oil or jojoba oil on your face after washing to moisturize your face.

Shortcut method

When I don’t have the time to steam my face, I use a shortcut. Take a clean dry napkin or wash cloth, soak with water and zap in the microwave in a clean bowl for about 10 seconds. If its too hot let it cool. I rub the washcloth gently in circular motions and then splash my face with cold water.

This method is not a substitute for make-up remover, especially if you use water resistant oil based make up. The rule is ‘like speaks to like’ – water removes water-based make-up and oil removes oil based makeup. Use baby oil or olive oil to remove make up properly and then wash with water as described above.

Note: Sorry about  the ‘no pics’ post. Its too dull to get decent light for photography and I am too paranoid to take anything off Google Images. Being a lawyer, I do not wish to plagiarize images and saying ‘images not owned by me  and I will take them down’ is still plagiarism, unless the work is specially marked by the creator as OK to use.


9 thoughts on “How to Cleanse Your Face with Water

  1. thank you very much for this post. skin cleansers are filled with bad chemicals that give you a satisfactory effect for a little time but ultimately harm your skin and this is the the main cause of break-outs and pre-mature aging. this post is very much helpful.

    • You’re Welcome Ria. Glad to know you liked it. I have been trying to move towards not using chemicals. I am going to finish what I have first and then go totally chemical free except for essential oils. I can’t give up make up though. Love it too much 🙂

  2. Very nice and helpful article Avina. I liked the microwaved towel quickie idea a lot. I still don’t know the correct way to steam my face so never tried as one of my cousins used to do and ended up with enlarged pores. Not sure which is the best method to close pores after steaming: a toner or cold water?

    • Thanks Gaggan. I think it’s over steaming that causes the enlarged pores. You don’t need boiling hot water.. I think gentle steam is good enough.. I am going to stick to the hot towel method as I think the warm water and gentle scrubbing with napkin or salt is good enough to loosen the dirt from face. I think splash of cold water should work for closing pores. There’s also baking soda paste method fr closing pores.. I haven’t tried it yet.

  3. i think this is a good idea for someone with normal skin and doesnt use makeup…i break out like crazy so personally a strong soap(not even dove_) is a,must for me…lol @ ure note…never knew u were a lawyer!…hows the life like being a lawyer girl? ive heard a lot of good and bad things(tonnes of money, attitude and branded stuff) but u seem a nice, budget conscious, simple lady like me!!

    • Hi Poornima, oh i use make up daily! For my foundation, eyeliner is a must as I have a lot of blemishes and a spotty face. I just use baby oil/ aloe vera to remove make up and then wash with water as in the post. I think its a misconception that we need a stronger soap to cleanse.. the best cleansing is gentle…. I did a post on make up removers – do check it out

      Break outs are caused by hormones anyway.. the best you can do is not let the bacteria thrive. Using a clean sterlized napkin or a tissue is the trick. My dermatologist’s advice 🙂 of course, if you have regular acne then you may need a salicyclic acid cleanser.

      haha really… I think I know what u talking out. I’ve just started as a lawyer so don’t have any attitude yet. I used to buy and hoard like crazy but I am trying to simple minimalistic living .. my motto – I’d like to love as a poor woman with lots of money!

  4. hey avina, thanks so much for the tip..ill keep this in derma is quite a money grabber – she does faulty and super pricey proceedures on me and when it gives me even greater problems, she does more pricey procedures to cover them up and charges me for it all!!!! and a whole list of medicines at the end of each visit!!

    i dont really use makeup everyday, im too lazy for that but when i do use makeup i dont use seperate makeup removers, i merely rub some oil and wipe it away…and ofcourse, my super strong soap to wash it away…i think ure idea about water and clean napkin makes a lot of sense- i should start tryig it

    lol no matter how much one earns,the thrill of finding quality suff for a steal of a price is just too awsome!! i really dont understand the point of giving things more than what they are actually worth- im a queen of thrift too just like u 😀

    maybe u shuld write a blog about ure career it would be interesting to read..but then ure name is out in the open, perhaps its a bad idea to do it frm this account

    • I think just warm water will take care of the oil and blot well with tissue. Use a lighter oil like baby oil. Seriously do try Evion Cream for make up removal. its gentle and effective…

      I do have another blog on Chinese Law that I write… I dont have a problem with my identity at all. I post under my real name. The only thing I would not do is monetize the blog or accept any kind of payment as that is against Advocate Code of Ethics

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