It’s Raining Reds again – Beauty UK Lip Vinyl

I don’t know what it is with reds and me. A few months back, you wouldn’t catch me getting near a red and now you won’t find a single weekend go by with me not wearing a red lip colour.

This time, I spent the entire weekend at home wearing a red lip colour. It was pouring and I couldn’t go out anywhere. But hey.. that certainly won’t stop me from wearing make up at home just because.


I got this Beauty UK Lip Vinyl Set last year from here. Beauty UK has only three shades in their Lip Vinyl shade. These can be purchased individually or as part of a gift set (which I did) for GBP 4.99. I think its a great deal to get 3 minis for this price. However, these are also available individually at GBP 2.99

Out of three shades, one was simply unusable which I made it work by mixing with other colours. I have blogged about it here. The pink and the red shades are simply gorgeous.


These shades are very pigmented like a thick liquid lip gloss. Because it’s so thick, the staying power is quite good- around 4-5 hours, without eating or drinking. It lasts longer with lip liner. Due to the thick liquid consistency, it’s best not to apply with the doe foot applicator, else you will end up with too much lip colour on your lips. I usually dot a bit of the colour on my bottom lip and use a lip brush to spread. Lip liner is a must else this will bleed.

lip swatch

I am glad I got minis as I think a little of this product goes a long way. The lip swatch has only the lip vinyl without the pencil. It is so glossy that it is hard to take a single shot without a reflection.  And I am not that great a photographer. I just point and shoot.


I don’t know why I don’t order more from Beauty UK.  I just got a few products once and then I just didn’t anymore.  They do deliver to India and shipping costs 7 pounds with the products reaching in 10-12 days. 

I will wear the other hot pink lip vinyl and post it by this weekend. Sorry about the lack of the swatch post. I did shoot a swatch post but then it disappeared somewhere.



5 thoughts on “It’s Raining Reds again – Beauty UK Lip Vinyl

  1. They are such pretty colors and I see that add a lot of glow to your face Avina. So it is good you wear these colors. As for wearing makeup at home, I totally get it 🙂 I feel makeup is more about feeling good and beautiful, so it should not be restricted only to the occasions when we go out. I would do it anytime I want to pep up my mood a little. The lip swatches are great so I didn’t even look for hand swatches 🙂

    • Glad you liked it. The wear make up at home bit is mainly to finish my massive stash. I now retouch my lipstick at work 6-7 times even if its not needed. hehe.

      • Ha ha 🙂 I could never have guessed that to be a reason, but I like the spirit. It’s good to use makeup than stock it unused and finally trash it.

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