Caring for your Eyes – Simple Eye Rinse

Most of eye care these days revolves under eye creams and concealers and concern about harsh chemicals and using products that are ophthalmologically tested.

It’s not just those working girls at home that need to take care of their eyes. Almost everyone these days, whether at home or travelling are constantly on their laptop, ipads, Tabs and smartphones, swiping or playing games or watching videos. When I take the Mumbai local train to work everyday, I think I may be the only fool who looks out of the window. Everyone from old women to teenagers have their heads down staring at their smartphone.

All of these activities put tremendous strain on the eyes, as out most deligcate organs do not get a single moments rest. I am also guilty of taking care of my eyes.

I do wear glasses and I have quite a high cylindrical number in one eye but since I hate wearing glasses, I just don’t. So at work, I squint and type. Right now as I type out this post, I am not wearing my glasses!

While I am trying to wear them more often (I’ve done it now) I do wash my eyes regularly and use a refreshing eye drops to soothe the eyes around once a week. I use Refresh from Allergan. They are a non-prescription, over the counter lubricant eye drops mainly meant to combat dry eye. It’s priced at around Rs 175.


I don’t have dry eyes. In fact, I tear up very fast.  While I got the eye drops on impulse, I threw it away recently as I am trying to move away from as many chemicals I can (except for make-up). If you do suffer from allergies, it best to ask your eye doctor to prescribe something you could use.

I have just started using an old remedy that my grandmother used to resort to whenever the grand kids had conjunctivitis. Whenever, our eyes looked mildly red, nana made this eye rinse for us and we rinsed our eyes every 20 mins. More often than not, it worked. If it refused to subside, we were taken to the doctor for eye drops.


It’s a home-made eye rinse, made of coriander seeds soaked in water.  Coriander seeds are known to have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

To make the rinse

Take a small bowl of water and boil either on the stove to or microwave. Take a small amount of whole coriander seeds and tie it in a kerchief (as in the pic). Soak the bundled part in the hot water for a bit. Use the bundle to squeeze out the drops into your eyes.  Keep dipping in the rinse.  Throw it away after use.


If you are using it to relieve conjunctivitis, Throw it away after a hour or two and make it afresh to avoid infection.


Simple Eye Exercises

I learnt these simple exercises to strengthen my eye muscles when I was learning dance (Odissi).

  1. Look up, down, then up. Slowly at first and then increase the speed
  2. Do the same in a left to right motion
  3. Now look top right and then down left (eyeballs moving diagonally) Slowly at first and then increase the speed.
  4. The first time I did these exercises, I realised how weak my eye muscles were as I just could not move my eyeballs fast enough!

I do this every once in a while when my eyes feel tired. I don’t wear contact lenses so can’t really comment, but feel free to share in the comments!

What do you do to take care of your eyes?



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