My February 2014 Envy Box

I don’t like beauty boxes! I’ve said it enough of times after I received my first, only and last Vellvette Box. Reviews of subsequent boxes  just didn’t manage to tempt me and that left me even more convinced that its better to invest in a full sized product you really want rather than waste money month after month on samples you may or may not use.

When I first read reviews of the Envy Box and the fact that they really do sent luxury products, I was intrigued. I purchased the one month subscription on a whim to see if the Envy Box could prove me wrong. So I paid up and waited with not very high expectations, fully prepared to be disappointed.


First off, I liked the fact that you get a significant amount of ‘Envy points’ that you can redeem when you make a purchase. For my one month subscription which cost me Rs 850, I got 313 Envy Points. I did see some products that I would want to buy but held on till I got the envy points which would make the purchase cheaper!


It arrived today, a day before Valentine’s Day. Good timing. I am not going to gush about the packaging coz its just a regular box that’s quite handy to store lippies and make up! I liked the cute colourful pouch which I see myself using  quite a bit.

How to the great part:

I am quite impressed with the contents. In the box was

1. Givenchy perfume samples – Gentleman Only and Dahlia Noir.

2.Thalgo Collagen Cream – 2ml X 2. (wish there was one more)

3. Eminence Organic Skin Care – Chocolate Mousse Hydreation Mask – Love! enough for one or two use

4. Rene Futurer Carthame Milk shampoo for Dry Hair/scalp – 15 ml. I needed this!

5. Forest Essentials Sugared Rose Petal Lip Balm. A full sized product costing Rs 595/-


A good mix and the Forest Essentials Lip Balm itself makes the Rs 850 worth it and not a complete waste!.

Good job team at Envy Box. I see myself using all of the products. I may use my envy points and the discount to purchase the shampoo as I  find it decently priced at Rs 1320.


Would I continue to subscribe to the box? Perhaps not, as Rs 850 a month is quite expensive on my meagre earnings. But I see a few products that I could certainly purchase from the Envy Boutique using the discount or redeeming points.

Though they say that, there is no customisation, I do think that they have attempted to customise the products. For example, I see from online reviews that most of the younger bloggers received the Thalgo Oxygen cream, whereas I received the Collagen cream for smoothing wrinkles that is suited to my age and something I wanted to try as i am looking for a premium anti-ageing product. I think I may purchase the 15ml version from the Envy stor before investing in the full size 50 ml version which costs Rs 2400.

But I’ll have to agree that I didn’t feel disappointed with the Envy Box at all. And I am quite hard to please!

*NOT sent by Envy for review. I purchased this with my own money


2 thoughts on “My February 2014 Envy Box

  1. 🙂 Nice one and so happy to see a post here. How have you been? I have never had the heart to invest in a beauty box somehow. Though I love to peep through when someone posts about it. The lip balm sounds yummy and tempting with the gulukand kind of ingredients.

    • Yes! I am back. Just wasn’t able to post but now that I am back in Mumbai, I intend to blog regularly.
      I am a bit wary of beauty boxes too. I dont think I would subscribe again as I can’t afford it.
      I intend to try the Nature’s Company Box. Its about Rs 595 for 6 samples and I have yet to read a negative review. Each box has a theme and you can get it if the theme appeals to you.

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