Vichy Normaderm Night Anti Imperfections & Rejuvenating Care

I have always held on tightly to my purse strings when it involves spending more than 500 bucks on any skincare product. I believe the results are no more different from a a product from a reasonably priced range One pays significantly higher prices for the ‘brand value’ or the marketing spend of the company. I speak of course from experience when enticed by the magical qualities of a particular skin cream, serum or ‘spot banisher’ I have shelled out significant more only to realise that I did not transform into a princess with flawless skin – and my skin was no different except for the usual moisturisation which could have been achieved by a product at half the price.

I have used Vichy Bi-White and Oligo Yeux (a eye serum in quite like a deo stick) before and had the exact same experience as described  above. However the rapid change in cities – to Delhi and back made my skin quite a mess and I was in urgent need of a quick fix that made me splurge quite a bit from December onwards. 

Vichy Normaderm Night was sitting pretty at Alfa (Mumbai) when I picked it up completely on impulse without reading a single review. What got me sold was the ‘ani imperfection claim’ with peeling active ingredients and Vitamin C. I got back home after purchasing it and read the reviews which were quite positive. This baby cost me about Rs 890  for a 30 ml  tube and along with it I picked up a small can of Vichy Eau Thermale for Rs 350.



After cleansing at night I spray my face with the Eau Thermale and then apply a small quantity of Normaderm Night. Its a pale green very light gel-like cream with a pleasant fragrance. It absorbs very quickly into the skin and leaved it matte. I started using it in January when it was quite chilly and realised that its not moisturising enough for winter. I put it away and got it out in the first week of February.


It does clarify my skin a bit and does not break me out. It does reduce the size of pores and helps with oil control but I don’t see any lasting results nor do I think it has helped with my overall skin tone. Its suitable mainly for oily skin and those with dry skin would need something heavier or more moisturising. I do like the clean, fresh feel that it leaves on your skin due to the gel cream. The 30 ml tube easily lasts me a good 1.5 to 2 months. I have been using it for over 1 month and do have a good amount left. I am not sure if I will repurchase as the summer months are coming up and I have Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying night treatment to try out. I feel this is perfect for the February- March but and I am not sure how this night cream would fare with the Mumbai heat in May and the terrible humidity June onwards.     

Overall I think Its affordable and a good buy if you are looking for a light moisturising night cream with no major expectations that it will rejuvenate your skin.



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