Kanjoos   कंजूस  (Hindi) – miserly, scrooge

I am kanjoos and proud of it. There – I’ve said it.

As far as I can remember, I have always been kanjoos. Frugality has been deeply ingrained in me since childhood. This was not born out of a lack of means. My family was comfortably well off, however we were frugal in everything we did which I suppose was common for children of the 80s and prior generations.

Life as a working girl began with a princely salary of Rs 3000 per monthin 1999. Being kanjoos was a necessity as 26th of every month necessitated drastic measures like looking in various nooks and crannies of the house for bus fare or saving up the pennies for a new Rs 50 Lakme eyeliner or a meal at an Udipi joint or a burger at McDonald’s.

Many years later, the means have improved considerably, courtesy a corporate job but I am hard pressed to shake off my kanjoos bent of mind. I have been through huge amounts of splurging and running up massive credit card bills. But through all the splurging, I have still kept to the ‘kanjoos code’ of never paying more than I think something is worth.

Come 2012, I find myself a student again, trying to start over in a new profession. Not having a monthly income means watching the budget on a lot of things that I have gotten used to splurging on such as clothes, accessories, travel and eating out etc.

However, being kanjoos does not come easy.  It comes with nasty digs from co-workers, friends or relatives who rib you for being cheap. Being kanjoos is not about just being cheap. It’s about stretching the rupee to the maximum. Being money conscious has helped in inflationary times. It has also helped me curb unnecessary expenses so I can spend more on other things that matter to me. Just because something is expensive doesn’t mean it has great value. Sometimes it’s just important to de link the price tag from something to enjoy it.

Alas, the general tendency is to be apologetic for being money conscious. I realise now that I am far more comfortable being kanjoos and comfortable declaring myself as such. Hence this blog.

This blog isn’t just about selling milk packets and newspapers, or eating dal chawal at home. It’s about having a blast and still enjoying whatever you like to do whether it’s travel, or dressing up while spending the least amount. Since my interest veer towards clothes, accessories, makeup, travel, books, food, most of the post revolve around that. However good financial health and savings are also part of being kanjoos. Rule No 1 of the Kanjoos Code says that ‘Thou shalt be kanjoos but in a smart way.’ Shall get around to writing the rest of the code but feel free to write in to kanjooskanya (at) gmail.com for any ideas, tips that you would like to share!


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