What’s in my vanity?

Now that I have accumulated so much make-up, the only way to ensure that I use it regularly is to take it to work and reapply three times a day. Though the contents remain standard for the face products, I do change the lipsticks depending on what I am wearing for the day. let me introduce you to what goes with me to work everyday.

IMG_1410 vanity

The Pouch: I dislike buying pouches as I try as much as possible to recycle what I already have. I have plenty of free pouches that I got while purchasing make up from L’oreal, Boots etc. This one is from Body Shop. I got it along with the  Body Shop Nutriganics travel collection. I didn’t like the collection much but I love this pouch! It’s slim and not bulky and fits well into my bag.

Foundation: Coloressence Aqua Make up base. I love thiss but I am desperately trying to finish this off so that I can move on my other foundations. It just does not get over.

Compact: Silky Girl 2 way Powder Foundation 

Face Wash: Clinique Foaming Face Wash for Combination Skin. I wash my face once in the afternoon post lunch

Eyeshadow: MUA eyeshadow Trio in Chocolate Box. Nice neutral shades with the really nice sponge applicator that I like using to smudge the eye pencil and kajal

Lipsticks: Lakme Enrich Satin #356 and #133. 133 is a neutral bronze shade while 356 is a bright red-pink. I always  keep one neutral shade and one bright shade in case I am going out before work or in its a Saturday. One pink gloss is always a staple in my bag

Brow Powder: Jordana brow powder. I touch up my brows once in the afternoon

Eye pencils: Faces Longwear Pencil in brown and Lakme Eyeconic. I don’t really experiment with colours at work.

Other Stuff (not in pic): Tweezers, Q-tip, a bot of cotton, tissue paper packet, Evion Hand Cream. I use the hand cream to remove make up when I am re-applying make -up.

IMG_1411 vanity


2 thoughts on “What’s in my vanity?

  1. Oh I love the idea of having a pouch in your purse for makeup, I have a separate zip area but I keep loosing stuff and then I have to switch on my mobile light to see whats inside and its all like a treasure finding experience, I think I will put those ‘free’ pouches to good use.

    Also just stumbled along your blog today, love the name!!

    • Hey, Thanks for dropping by:)

      Pouch is a necessity. Lipsticks/ kajal etc tend to open up in the bag and create a mess if not kept aside in a pouch… Instead of a large pouch you could also use a mobile phone pouch if all you want to carry is a lipstick, concealer and 1 or 2 eye pencils.

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